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Literature Review of Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

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The story written by Mister Pip is a fascinating account and an important literary discovery on a remote island. It should be treated as a perfect model of writing. The prose of Jones is interesting as he does not use purple language. He prefers to use crisp, precise language that naturally makes his story a coherent and cohesive one. The main character Maltida, the narrator offers her unique story to add to the beauty of the novel. Her voice is unique and consistent in this regard.

The theme of wordplay presented in the story reflects the quality of his writing. Maltida and the other children gets the lists of a new vocabulary from Charles Dicken’s work through this exercise they begin to understand the importance of choosing the right word for right time. Maltida, however, has to struggle with the this activity of choosing the right words on right occasions. Somehow she manages to translate the great lessons of her life into language understandable to all.

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Literature Review of Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones
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It also gives us an insight into Mr Pip’s journey with her.

It is a riveting story with the impeccably narrated story of a young girl who has buried herself under the world of a book. In her realm, things appear to make sense while her surroundings are tainted with uncertainties of life.

Several themes emerge in Lloyd Jones Mister Pip. The most important one is of the conflict between old and new Interwoven in his lectures on Great Expectations by the natives of the island. These speeches are in the ancient world, which strengthens the traditional belief in shadow.

The inscription on Mister Pip reads “migrate to sign.” It is awarded to Umberto Eco. Characters in the story migrate both literally and metaphorically. Pip moves beyond the boundaries of Great Expectations in the consciousness developed Matilda, Matilda, and Mr. Watts, but literally from one place to another. This type of exposure to other perspectives creates the blockade of the communication that was dominant among the people of Bougainville during the civil war. This exchange of information through a common social consciousness throughout the world educates in a way that was previously prohibited, but it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the people.

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