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My area of interest in civil engineering

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As the profession of engineering is put into context by lessons in class I have continually gained insight that it is a multidisciplinary course that has the impact of broadening the mind as it creates awareness of the impact that engineering has on the world. Again the living standards of people in the modern world are also related to the field as many of the structures in the society such as monumental buildings and roads etc are done by engineers.

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My area of interest in civil engineering
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It is this aspect among others that have sharpened the appetite in me to pursue a profession in civil engineering. The profession is the source of sustainability of human evolution as many projects in engineering are based on the social, economical and environmental issues that affect people in one way or another (Ratay  1996). The theories and equations that are studied in civil engineering class are meant for application as one is trained to solve problems that do arise in the society.



In the modern day the field of engineering has greatly been developed. A quick look at the devices that are available for the use of mankind tells that great strides have been made in the field of engineering technology. The changes in the engineering world are ever increasing and more and more sophisticated technologies are being developed. The use of the computer in doing the work has no doubt aided the development of the field. We nowadays live in a world of quickly changing technologies and engineers are some of the developers of the technologies.

The world of engineering is wide and even the subdivisions found in it such as civil engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering are also wide. The choice that I have is civil engineering. Civil engineering comprises of specialization areas such as structural, construction, environment, water resource, transportation and geotechnical engineering (Webster 1997). In the field of civil engineering the point of attraction is the area of construction and structures. The area that has attracted me is structural construction. Structural construction deals with construction of new structures and maintaining them.

As a construction and structure engineer one gets to apply mathematical solutions of the natural sciences to human problems which are one of the core procedures that engineers engage in. is therefore a challenging field. One has to consider many facts and different solutions while making decisions about a project to construct. The challenges of the job do keep one alert and abreast with the newest methods for application in construction. Some of the designs have been developed in computer software and this has resulted in magnificent designs in structures of buildings that are constructed nowadays.

This keeping with technological developments of the field is one of the aspects that magnetize me to the field of construction and structural design. Construction and structural design whose evidence ids seen in magnificent structures of reinforced concrete further makes me more and more attracted to the discipline.

In the profession a member must provide solutions to problems that are available considering such parameters such as those that touch on legal matters and environmental matters (Antil et al 1965). In the course of the profession, the engineer is expected to be competitive which is seen in the person’s ability to make clear arguments especially when making presentations. Courses of this nature give the budding engineers insights into the requirements they are expected to follow. Since engineers are expected to do more than solve equations in the class rather they should also strive to perform well in the social circles courses are introduced in the training that are meant to make the engineers more socially oriented. In the past engineers have been accused of being anti social beings so the introduction of  a course like this has broken the possibility of more and more engineers getting unfriendly to the society. Doing this kinds of courses have expanded boosted my desire to specialize in civil engineering well aware that it is a field that can be enjoyable as one interacts with the society in a positive way. One faces the possibility of being involved in international projects. This presents one with challenges that test the person’s ability to relate with other people. So as the studies go on I look forward to taking such eventualities.

Today, computer technology is not used to the full in the construction industry. There however exists the potential for the use of modern technologies in improving the performance and production in the field. There are many positive results that can be achieved from the adoption of computer designs in construction. Many particular methods do exist with none being the standard. Construction firms customize their computer applications and this result in a dynamic work environment. These developments will make the industry one of the most enjoyable ones to work in. it will boost the capacities of work of construction firms as it will develop measurement science, protocol and method that are related to communication and sensing. The research on this thrilling field is ongoing with various trials already done. The aim is to apply the findings of the research in improved designs for constructions and monitor the operations of the construction made and its environment.

 Buildings in the modern day have a great amount of real time and static data. This data is very important for reasons of security and rescue. This arrangement is vital as there is a need for a fast responding to emergencies that arise in buildings. Other capacities that have been developed are those of the ability to control building processes and devices remotely. Software modules are being integrated in attempts to realize the goal outlined here and provide a method by which the software can be applied in the construction industry for better results.

In the job environment many civil engineers work as administrators or supervisors in construction sites. The work areas for structural engineers provide the engineers with a challenging technical duty. Each project the engineer handles is an opportunity for them to create something new. The work of engineers is personally and professionally beneficial through it they do contribute to the improvement of their communities via the development of better building environment (Francis 1902).

Employers in the construction industry prefer holders of a degree in construction science, construction management or building sciences (Burland 2001). As members of the engineering profession in this  day have at their disposal state of the art design and analytical software their work has moved from the traditional roles of the industry into more thrilling areas such as developing systems for earthquake protection.


It may seem as the work of mere creation of buildings to the uninitiated. On the surface the work will seem to be mere construction of roads, buildings and bridges; an occupation that is not attractive to many people though by the works remains as remarkable undertakings. But I have looked further and seen the finer part of the career. Many other aspects involved in the career are so enticing.

The career of engineering itself is a complex one as it is multifaceted. It is neither an easy one as there are many challenges that are on the way of duty. For instance there are many areas of responsibilities in that the engineer is expected to think of a plan and construct the same. They are also expected to operate the facilities that they make. All this is done with utmost consideration of the society’s demands. The goal of the profession is always to provide the best possible service and a service that is acceptable by the common public. The interest of construction engineering in me started as I was a young child. You could find me occupied in toys of the mechanical nature and not anything less. During most of my play time I would be totally occupied in designing simple work implements. In other words I acted after the natural manner of engineers which is watching the impact of the intelligent nature has had on existing civilization and desiring to better it (Brown 1995). The strong base that I had indicates that I had the germ of becoming an engineer ion the field of construction. Lessons in the engineering training such as water treatment and hydraulics’ give the engineer the know how of finding solutions to problems in the real world (Monckton 1994).

The class work prepares one for the rather challenging job environment. In the period of study students are exposed to work experiences that are available through cooperative programs with industry players. When on this programs students get the experience concurrent with their learning. Once done with education the engineer will apply the knowledge they have gained on material science, economics and material science to conceive plans to construct and maintain the physical surroundings.

The decision to join civil engineering in general and the structural engineering specialization in particular is not based on the salary that is on offer. This is explained by the fact that other engineers such as electrical engineers may be paid better. The decision rather rests in the desire to meet the economic and social needs of the people, a feat that is satisfying to the person by itself.

The work of serving the community in such areas as creating more efficient and safe measures for planning and constructing good structures for the population that is increasing by the day. The deficiency in the amount paid is compensated by the satisfaction that one experiences when they see solutions they make for the society. As the occupation here is involved in construction one has to get a thorough knowledge of many aspects of the profession. The structural engineer for instance is preoccupied with the loads which will impact upon the structure he creates. The work therefore involves calculating to see the maximum capability of the structures.

It is obvious that the profession is one that requires utmost professionalism when undertaking assignments. Structures such as bridges and skyscraper buildings need to be strong so as to ensure safety of the population. In the present the society needs more and more engineers. An engineer cannot go without work in the midst of modern developments in the world (Donald 2004).

The mode of promotion in the business happens as one gains more and more experience. There is a choice that the individual engineer makes, that is whether to stay with one company or to move from one employment to another. Young engineers have their way up the ladder as older engineers retire, more advanced engineers advance or at the replacement of colleagues. However a young qualified and ambitious engineer needs not to be held back by these limitations but has a chance to advance professionally and personally.


The challenges involved in the work of a construction engineer are many but the benefits that come with it surpass them all, from the difficult subjects that the students have to take in college to the actual concentration that the work demands on the engineer. The longing to be useful to and to help the society is the overriding factor in the overall consideration that has inspired me. This, to me is what defines a profession that is noble. While it helps one with the basic requirements such as money to sustain their living it also gives one a chance to do positive things to others in he society. Just as the ethics of engineers are that they should act to the best interest of the society the professionals in civil engineering are bound to make decisions that are society enhancing. With my capability that is personal intelligence and a passion for the work I believe I have with me what it takes in the field of civil engineering a structural engineering as a field of specialization.



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