My Environment and My Goals

My whole life I have lived in Brownsville. Brownsville is located in Southern Texas on the border. Life in Brownsville is amazing and most citizens are willing to do what it takes to make a living. While living in Brownsville, I have come to realize that the small city plays a big role in shaping me as a person. Moreover, I learned to love and appreciate what I have while growing up in a hard working environment under the guidance of my family.

Growing up my family had high expectations of me. They expected me to excel in school and I tried my hardest to please them. Each time I would feel like something was impossible, they would be there to push and encourage me. They were always there for me when I got stressed due to projects. My parents taught me to respect others and differentiate right from wrong. Both my parents taught me to be sympathetic and show tenderness to less fortunate people. With the support of my grandparents and parents, I aim higher to attain high achievements in order to become the person I want to be in the future.

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My home is in an urban community where I am free to unwind. It consists of my sister, brother, two dogs, a guinea pig, and my parents. My mother is a receptionist, my father is a car salesman, and my sister attends UTRGV. Most of the day nobody is home either because we are at school or at work. Because my parents work most of the week, it is my job, as well as my sister’s, to maintain the house clean or cook when needed. We have always been a close family and at times we may gather around the table to have game nights, share funny stories, or have a movie night. We had a good share of fights growing up where there was hair pulling involved, but after every fight we managed to forgive each other. My mother would interfere when things got out of hand and even confiscate our phones when we would start arguing, but she would make peace. Now that we are all older and more mature, we treat each other with respect because we know that there will be consequences.

My neighborhood has taught me positive things. It taught me that you have to work hard in order to achieve your goals. Although there are certain individuals that choose to take the easy way out by being maintained by their parents, most of the neighborhood works hard. Throughout my childhood, I paid close attention to the parents that would take their children to school or walk them to the bus stop every morning. Other individuals would struggle to make a living because of the lack of education. That did not stop them from trying to earn money. Many would bake goods to sell around neighborhoods, hold garage sales, or offer to mow lawns to make a living. It was then that I realized that success was not going to come easily and I had to work hard to achieve my goals.

The environment in which I was raised, shaped me as a person by becoming responsible, appreciative, and a hard working individual. As I continue to strive to meet my goals, I know that I will make myself and my family proud of me. By surrounding myself with good influences, I will be successful in life and make good choices. Although there will be obstacles throughout the way, I know that with the help of my family I will overcome those obstacles and succeed.

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