My Expectation for College

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My expectations for college were not met as I was unable to get the desired schedule, encountered different class work, and faced new responsibilities. The schedule for college was not what I had anticipated. I had thought that I would be able to choose the schedule according to my preferences, but that did not happen. Some classes were already full, while others did not align with the days I wanted to attend. My ideal schedule was to have classes only three days a week, from 9am to 2pm, but I was only able to secure the desired hours and not the specific days.

At first, I thought the homework would be harder, but it has been comparable to high school. I hope this level of difficulty remains consistent throughout college. Despite the unexpectedly heavy reading load, I believe I can manage. Thus, responsibility is vital for any new college student as punctuality is crucial; otherwise, they risk being locked out of class.

Arriving late to class in high school may result in trouble from the teacher, while in college it can lead to being locked out and potentially removed. Similarly, not submitting homework by the due date means you cannot hand it in anymore – unlike high school where partial credit is still possible for late submissions. Therefore, certain aspects of college differ from high school while also having similarities.

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