My Experience in Community Service

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Community Service is really important to me because it has given me the opportunity to provide children the knowledge and life skills needed for their everyday life. I have a chance to make a positive impact on them and the society at large. Being able to become directly involved with children in the community makes me feel ecstatic to know how much more of a difference I am making. I don’t want to see children struggle without a helping hand. This is why I want to contribute as much as possible in order to keep such a thing from happening. Community Service is a way to bring everyone together to bring about a welcoming place to live. I feel at ease knowing that volunteering teaches people understanding and compassion.

I have been volunteering as a coach at Elkhorn Elementary School for their Science Olympiad Program. Science Olympiad is a yearly tournament organized by the San Joaquin County Office of Education. This volunteer-driven event that I was introduced to was called “Crime Busters.” I had the privilege to teach and prepare students about topics involving how to identify unknown powders, matching fingerprints, and Chromatography. They are smart forensic investigators who have to determine who the prime suspect is. Students are given the opportunity to develop life skills such as commitment, critical thinking and hard work while attempting to figure out who is responsible.

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I chose to participate and get involved in this program because I knew that I would gain many benefits including more knowledge, interpersonal communication skills, Psychological benefits, and social skills. I started to become more confident and outgoing as I was exposed to various activities and incredible coaches. Being able to know that I can make a real difference in children’s lives and have fun while doing it, really makes it that much more enjoyable. My leadership has resulted in a positive outcome due to my confidence in my leadership capabilities. I am able to challenge myself to work with new people and delve into new surroundings. It also has demonstrated the positive impact volunteering can have for people.

All in all, I want to be able to pursue my dreams of becoming a speech pathologist so receiving any kind of help from the CIP program will make it that much more possible. I really enjoy working with children and helping them overcome the challenges they face. I want to make an impact in their lives.

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