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I have many ends for my life. and I picture my hereafter following a specific way. During my high school calling. I have been working toward my ends ; I have besides been believing about which university would outdo aid me win in the hereafter. Attending Drake University would let me to follow the way I envision for myself.

My long-run end is to hold a calling in pharmaceutics. I want to prosecute a calling in pharmaceutics because druggists play an of import function in society which I want to be a portion of. Most people think pharmacists merely manus out prescriptions. but they do so much more. particularly educating patients about their medicines. This instruction includes identifying dose. naming possible side effects. and pass oning proper use of the medicine. which is of import to the patient’s wellness and good being. Good druggists are non merely ”good with people” . they besides care about their patients. I love working straight with people.

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I am really much a “people person” and demand to hold a calling where I interact with others. I besides of course care about other people really much. which would let patients to experience comfy speaking to me about their medicine. Another ground I want to go a druggist is I have ever wanted a calling in health care. I looked into all possible health care callings and decided on pharmaceutics due to my passion for chemical science. I love chemical science because it is literally everyplace around us. I besides find reactions between chemicals really interesting. It amazes me how uniting a group of chemicals together can take to a new and different compound. I am eager to larn more about the chemical composing of medicines that cure mundane and terrible unwellnesss.

Geting the really best instruction is the lone manner I can go the best druggist I can be. I have challenged myself all through out my high school calling by taking the most advanced classs available at my school. I have besides taken many classs that are offered for college recognition. Desiring to go to Drake in the close hereafter keeps me motivated to make good in school and maintain my 4. 0 GPA. But instruction is non merely about classs. I have been involved in activities and athleticss runing from volleyball to speech to dance squad. I have besides volunteered for meals-on-wheels and Newell-Fonda School Improvement Advisory Committee. I have served on student authorities and been selected for National Honor Society. Bing involved in all of these activities has taught me many accomplishments that are of import to be successful in life. I have learned how to pull off my clip decently. which is cardinal to organisation. Another accomplishment I have gained is leading ; this accomplishment allows me to take charge of state of affairss and do certain things are done decently.

The organisation I am most proud to be involved with is National Honor Society. Of class. as a member I show excellence in scholarship. leading. service. and character. but the National Honor Society chapter at my school is more hard to go a member of than most. Not merely did I have to hold good classs and be nominated by instructors based on my character. I besides planned and executed a service undertaking in the summer following my second-year twelvemonth. My undertaking consisted of bettering our town’s golf class. I painted cabinets. counter foreparts and benches. I besides made stepping rocks. deep-rooted flowers. and added personal touches to the flower beds. My undertaking took a sum of 28 hours. but this was merely the start of my community service. My National Honor Society Chapter besides does many group service undertakings throughout the twelvemonth.

I want to go on acquiring the really best instruction possible by go toing a great university. I believe Drake University is the best pick for me. because the pharmaceutics plan is nationally ranked clearly bespeaking that it is a plan that will fix me good. Obtaining a grade from this university may be a challenge. but all the difficult work will be deserving it as I will hold the assurance I need to go a great druggist. I see myself suiting in absolutely at Drake. All the pupils seem extremely motivated and eager to larn like I am. I besides like the fact that campus is little. but non excessively little. Class sizes remind me of my hometown school which is soothing. While on my campus circuit. we walked past several chemical science labs. I took a peep at the categories and I could visualize myself being in that exact category room acquisition in the hereafter.

I have been given the gift of intelligence ; I have used this gift to go a really organized individual. Being organized has allowed me to put specific ends for myself. I’m really capable of accomplishing these ends because I am a really determined and focussed individual. I believe with the right instruction and readying I will turn to be an person that will do many valuable parts to society.

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