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My Hobby (Listening m\Music)

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What is music? Music is the art or scientific discipline of uniting vocal or instrumental sounds ( sometimes both ) to bring forth beauty of signifier. harmoniousness. and look of emotion. As a adolescent. I listen to music everyday. I can call about name every vocal that comes on the wireless. Listening to music takes the emphasis off from my head. I love listening to music.

Listening to music is my new avocation. I can non travel a twenty-four hours without listening to music. Music comes in different genres. I listen to many genres.

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My Hobby (Listening m\Music)
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The genre I listen to the most is R & B. I listen to R & B because it relates to my life. R & B is one of the tops ten genres listened to. Music to me is like a reading instructor reading a book. Music is merely that good. The R & B vocalists I listen to are Keri Hilson. Trey Songz. Monica. K Michelle. and Usher.

I listening to more than that but I do non desire to blow my clip composing all of the names. I wake up listening to music. Music is my passion. While I am composing this. I am listening to music. I can non assist myself. Some people are addicted to drugs and intoxicant but my dependence is music.

Music has many different significance to it. In order for me to understand a vocal. I have to listen to the vocal over and over once more. If person gave me a dad quiz on music. I would most likely base on balls the dad quiz. I am non the type that does non hold a life. I have a life. but in the interim I listen to music when I am bored. I might listen to a great sum of music but I do non cognize how to make hold of the dances that go along with them. Again. music is my passion and dependence. One more idea. I can non sing. I merely love listening to music.

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