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The hectic world we live in can be stressful and unhealthy, but taking time to relax and refresh our minds is important. Gardening is a natural hobby that can provide many benefits, such as relieving stress and improving lung health. Gardening involves cultivating a love for the garden and its inhabitants, including flowers, trees, and insects. Engaging in this hobby can contribute to improving the environment and our quality of life. Gardening requires time and work, but it is fun and rewarding. To ensure a healthy garden, it is important to rotate crops and provide essential nutrients to the soil. Ultimately, gardening is a great way to keep our environment healthy and green.

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Living in the world of hectic day routines and tough jobs, one always need to get time for relaxation and refreshing their minds. Rising civilization has made the environment unnatural and unhealthy. To get rid of all this for some time, a person can enjoy his off time wondering in parks, gardens or a places with lush green grass. Green color is a naturally refreshing color. To revive our minds and health we should engage ourselves in a natural hobby “gardening”. This is not only refreshing but is full of natural benefits. It helps to relive our stress and makes us relax. Fresh air keeps our lungs healthy. Gardening can be described as “love for garden and its inhabitants”. Here inhabitants are all creatures living in garden like flowers, trees, butterflies or all insects etc.

Gardening as my hobby, derives great pleasure for me. I love planting flowers, especially some vegetables of the particular season in my garden. Besides the plot planting, I got a numerous flowers-pots which help me in budding some very-green plants and some flowering plants. The most refreshing time to indulge myself in hobby is early in the morning as soon as I get out of my bed. Morning gardening really makes me feel so fresh and active. It helps me in relieving stress and tension and makes my day far better and healthier comparative to a morning without gardening. I carry on gardening only in my spare time.

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As the responsible citizen, we should involve ourselves in this hobby. Gardening if taken as hobby by several people, we can together contribute to improve our environment for the better living. As we all are well aware of pollution in air and other hazardous pollutants in our surroundings which made this place a hell to live. If we take an initiative to start gardening at a domestic level in our homes, we can add health and quality in the surroundings and atmosphere we are living in.

Gardening as a hobby is of great fun, but it requires a lot of work and time too. To put the garden in order for blooming at its best and planting for the coming spring, some activities are of great importance to perform. One of the priorities is to spread and cultivate dung or peat moss over the garden soil, particularly if the garden is new. To ensure to get the healthier and better planting in the garden, you need to add fertilizers and feed soil with essential nutrients it needs before actually planting.

Keep in mind the few tips for gardening. The most important tip for planting is to grow variety of crops and flowers in different parts of the garden than they were earlier grown. Rotation of crops aids to enhance the health of the soil as well as prevent soil from various diseases. The other point to be kept in mind is keep on cutting and plucking shrubs and bushes in the plots or pots as they can take away the nutrients required by the plant you have planted.

Keep you environment healthy and greeny. Happy Gardening!

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