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Journey As a Hobby



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    Whether it be a journey across the ocean or wandering to a neighbouring city, traveling is a thrilling hobby that has been gaining popularity all over the world. While others choose to spend their money on material items, others are saving up for their next adventure. From planning out your trip to the trip itself, traveling gives people great things to look forward to, along with a quick escape from reality making them jump out of their comfort zone.

    The memories gained last forever and many don’t realize just how gratifying traveling can be. Exploring new places has become the new addictive trend being entirely beneficial in all aspects of a person’s life as they learn about other cultures, history, and obtain health benefits along the way.

    Traveling around your country or going far out into a foreign one is the best way to find out how the world varies and experience it in a different manner. By entering with an open mind, engaging in new customs and cultures you are able to find out that what you read on books or the internet is nothing like the real life experience and help you become a more cultured individual.

    For example, many people all over the world have adopted the art of henna that originated in countries like India and the Middle East to temporary decorate their bodies. Once learned, certain practices are taken back home and spread to any other that would like to partake in these foreign traditions. This is one of the reasons why many religions are also practiced worldwide.

    In China, thousands of travelers make their way to the buddhist temples in order to reach enlightenment through meditation. As they are presented to these different beliefs they are able to compare and see what they truly long to follow and which new rules to live by. Aside from all the differences found in their cuisine and etiquettes, they learn from one another and find different approaches to blending their commonalities and contributing towards better understanding of their diversity.

    Travel does not just teach you about how the world was in the past but also how it is today. As people look at their map and get ready to explore a new place, they not only learn how the amazing sites came to be but also the history behind it.

    As they stumble across places they never knew existed, they become eager to discover what shaped the civilizations and the major historical events that occured in those landmarks. The ancient Inca and Mayan fortress cities of Machu Picchu and Tikal are among the most famous wonders of the world that hold some of the greatest archaeological sites and urban centers of the pre-Columbian civilizations.

    Travelers can grasp on how societies around the world came to have great power and be respected by its neighbors. The Colosseum in Rome shows how the Romans had great knowledge of construction techniques and engineering in ancient times. By standing beside the colossal structures, one can perceive how they have influenced the architecture of today’s world.

    Traveling for business is one thing, but disconnecting from the normal routine for a couple of days is the new medication that has everyone in need of a vacation. As travelers plan out their next trip, the contentment they feel once the date approaches is greater than any date of receiving a UPS package they have ordered. Whether it be alone or with loved ones, the feeling of freedom that sightseeing brings helps lower the amounts of stress and negative emotions by transporting oneself from a place where the hassle originates, to a place of awe and wonder.

    As travelers engage in new activities involving a high amount of physical activity such as hiking and snorkeling along with the miles walked soaking up all of the attractions, this helps maintain a healthy body avoiding health conditions due to low exercise. Not only does traveling help maintain a healthy body but also a healthy mind. As tourists interact in new recreations and are presented to new environments, they gain an overall learning and enlightenment of the world around them in each destination broadening their perspectives.

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