My Personal Philosophy

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A philosophy of life or a life philosophy is an in general attitude or vision towards life and its purpose. My philosophy is mainly a self reflection of the way I see life and principles in my life. I am one of its kind individual; we are all having views about life. Everyone and every experience we come across contribute to how we see the earth and ourselves.

We have goals, imaginings and philosophies and also values, beliefs and attitude that we have grow through our lives. Philosophy is a guide to life. I am Miss Thembisile Nkosi an Educator at Sizo Primary school. I’m really looking forward to be an brainwave to my learners.

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Well I believe we all need personal philosophy in life or we risk responding to random stimuli and information with little or no impact on our long term goals. In my life I’m guided by few things, one of it being purpose. A life altering characteristic is purpose; it gives one passion, a reason to look forward for the next day, and serve it. And it brings you into inner peace and wholeness more like an understanding of where you are heading in life.

According to Robert Bryne, “the purpose of life is a life of purpose”. I know that a life without purpose is a life without destination. There’s a point in life where I have to stop thinking about it and start acting. Purpose assist me to live a well-organized life.

A disciplined life helps one to stay focus and fulfil his/her purpose. I have bring into being my purpose in life, teaching kids and preparing them for the future makes me smile, laugh and forget time. In the beginning I had doubts about it but then since I moved into the exploring and experimenting phase and that helped me really enjoy my journey.

Napoleon Hill once said, “There is one quality that one must possess to win and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and burning desires to possess it”. Every great teacher inspires students by representing belief in their students’ abilities and grants the support students need to meet tricky academic demands. As an educator I will also help students find their voice, by giving them skills to communicate effectively and the confidence to express what they think. Learning takes time and patience.

Learning is a process, it is actually a journey. A self-redirected learning process is debatably the most powerful model for facilitating and stimulating individuals, groups and organizational learning and development.

Having clarity of your purpose changes everything. Understanding or having clarity of purpose challenges one to do better and commit to actions that get you closer to the one thing you really want. Clarifying personal values is a process of trial and error. Everyone starts somewhere confusing, because we probably like to do a lot of things. But once you define your purpose, you will become unstoppable and unshaken. But due to certain circumstances our philosophies might change.

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