My True Friend And Brother

It is going on three years since I met my best friend, Ki. He considers me his sister, and I consider him my brother. He is a year older than me, but I am almost taller than him. We have been really close friends who share practically everything. Ki is like one of those protective older brothers, who don’t let anyone hurt me.

He has not been a perfect child all his life so some not so good people in his life trying to do things to hurt him or get him in trouble. This one guy that Ki knows, Charlie, he likes to joke around and get Ki riled up about things. One time, about a year ago, Charlie found out who I was and started saying bad things about me and joking around telling Ki he would hurt me. He was calling me all sorts of names just to get to Ki. Ki finally got irritated enough that he confronted Charlie in the nicest way possible. This is sort of a recall.

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“Charlie, will you stop this nonsense. I will not let you hurt her.” Stated Ki when he confronted Charlie.

“If you did not talk about her all the time I would not have figured out who she was and I would not have used her to get to you.” Charlie boasted.

“If you are trying to get to me, then do not ever use Graci to get to me,” Ki grumbled.

“You do not listen to me any other way.” Grumbled Charlie rather irritated.

“That is because you are full of nonsense and just want to see me hurt and in trouble.”

After their talk, when Ki was trying to verbally settle things, Charlie tried throwing a punch at Ki. So to that, Ki acted in self-defense and blocked Charlie’s throw and palmed him in the nose. Ki accidentally hit his nose too hard and completely shattered the nose bridge. Blood started pouring down Charlie’s face. You could tell that Charlie was in severe pain and agony, but he boxed Ki right on the side of the head. Charlie would not stop throwing punch after punch. So Ki had to go into self-defense mode against him.

Neither Ki nor I wanted anyone hurt, but since Charlie never backed off and would not stop, Ki, with no other option, had to fight back. Ki luckily, could doge almost all of Charlie’s punches because he was just throwing punches and not aiming. After a few minutes passed, they both broke the fight up, because Charlie’s nose was hurting him too badly. Charlie ended up having to go to the hospital from his broken nose that was swollen, severe bruises, a black eye, broken teeth, busted lip, and some scratches on his arms. Ki, fortunately, did not have to go to the hospital because he only had a few minor scrapes and bruises. But Charlie was in the hospital for a few weeks. But ever since then, Charlie knows not to mess with Ki, or to use me to get to someone.

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