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Control has many different significances for many different people. To most. nevertheless. this word brings to mind one individual coercing another make his or her will. but other things have control over people every bit good. Sherwood Anderson shows two illustrations of control in Don and Ted. These two characters have jobs created by their hard lives. The other characters’ personalities either aid or impede the kids. making a household with a changeless struggle until one of the characters either alterations. or disappears from the narrative all together.

“Brother Death” by Sherwood Anderson is a short narrative about power. Don and Ted both want to be in control of their life. but different fortunes take that off from them. Ted wants to populate a normal life. but his household prohibits him because of his fatal bosom status. Mary. the lone 1 who understands Ted’s wretchedness. portions a particular bond with him. John Grey. the male parent. has a natural ability to judge cattles and could state how much one weighed merely by looking at it. This makes him successful as a cow man. but his success drives him to invariably force into his neighbor’s. the Aspinwahls. land. John’s 18-year-old boy Don takes after his male parent in about every manner. He has the ability to justice tips. and has won many awards. He besides likes to be in control like his male parent. which creates a power-struggle between the two. Louise. the knowing married woman of John Grey. comes from the Aspinwahl household. Not originally the prettiest Aspinwahl. Louise shocks her household by blooming attractively after her matrimony.

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The narrative centres chiefly. nevertheless. on Ted and Don’s problems. Because of Ted’s bosom status. most of the household is over-protective and does non allow him play or hold every bit much merriment as he could. Mary additions Ted’s freedom at one point by standing up to her female parent. After this. Ted can make all the “risky” things that he has ever wanted to make. wish playing in the brook or walking barefoot. Don. on the other manus faces a different state of affairs. He and his male parent are involved in a power-struggle over the household land. They have an statement over control. and when Don loses he runs off for a few yearss. but finally comes back place under his father’s control. At the terminal of the narrative Ted dies. but Mary feels that he was lucky in that he ever knew where he stood. unlike Don. who has to endure a awful life. ne’er being certain of his position in the household.

One of the chief characters in “Brother Death” . Ted. has a large job that influences everything that he does in his life. Ted had “a terrible onslaught of diphtheria” at eight-years-old that resulted in “some sort of bosom disease” at his current age of 11. The household physician told them he would non populate really long. and he might “just drop down dead” at any clip. He did non hold a batch of strength. but cognizing about his short life span made him really “curiously alive” . He enjoys making the hazardous “risky” things his parents prohibit to make. The remainder of his household. with the exclusion of Mary. attempts to maintain him safe by forbiding these hazardous actions. but this lone makes Ted angry. At times he would travel “white and ( tremble ) with anger” . His disease non merely shortens his life well. but besides takes away his right as a kid to hold merriment. until his sister Mary comes to his deliverance.

Mary. apart from the remainder of the household. understands how Ted feels. and because of this. her and Ted portion a alone bond. Fourteen-year-old Mary “was both a kid and a adult adult female. ” Her clip spent with Ted made her more mature. but in a funny manner caused her to maintain her child-like qualities. Mary had to maturate faster to take attention of him. but at the same clip she had to remain a kid to hold fun with him. This state of affairs benefits them both because they could make the hazardous things that they wanted to make and hold merriment. but when they got in problem. Mary’s adulthood helped her cognize what to make. A particular bond formed between the two kids. and without Mary. Ted would non hold his happy life. She rescued him from the atrocious destiny of populating a suffering life.

Anderson straight tells the reader about the two kids. puting aside paragraphs for each of them. She describes what they look like and even gives a small background on them so the reader can acquire a better thought of their personalities. Ted alterations one time during the narrative. with the aid of his sister. Mary. Before this alteration occurred. the household ever made him upset by ne’er allowing him make the things that he wants to make. They invariably watched him and told him to be careful. non allowing him run or play. Mary. seeing the unfairness of this. decided to make something about it. One twenty-four hours. when Ted and Mary got back from swimming in the brook. Louise. their female parent. told Ted he “mustn’t. ” The remainder of her sentence left unexpressed. but however clearly understood. He “mustn’t” make all the unsafe things he does. While Ted left out of choler. Mary stayed her land and argued for her brother. stating Louise she should halt reminding Ted of his unwellness and leave him entirely to make as he pleased. Her statement took Louise by surprise so much that she decides. to Ted’s great joy. to give the kids their freedom. When he dies at the terminal of the narrative. Mary feels he had a happy life. Don. in Mary’s head. had the hardest life of all.

The struggle between Don and his male parent John shows another manner state of affairss in life can hold control over person. Anderson describes Don as about an exact transcript of his male parent in everything from his personality to his expressions. Anderson shows her readers utilizing direct word picture a big immature adult male with great musculuss and a passion to command everything around him. A quiet. successful individual. he stars in “the 4H Club of Virginia county and. even as a chap of nine and ten. won awards at tip judgment. ” He succeeds in about everything that he did. going the esteem of many that lived around the Grey household.

As a adolescent. the male parent won awards for himself. merely as Don does now. The impulse to command everything around them creates a struggle between male parent and boy. This job reaches its flood tide when Don grows older and wants to command of the Grey Property. Eventually John and Don have an statement over this. On the exterior. the two argued over a simple thing about whether to cut two trees down or non. but Sherwood Anderson shows her readers a more of import statement that happened at the same clip. an statement over power. This dissension takes topographic point. but the writer writes in duologue the ideas they had. doing the concealed statement more clear. This continues for some clip. until John tells two of the work hands to cut the trees down. Don. cognizing licking when he sees it. threatens to go forth if he does non hold his manner. John continues to state the work hands to cut them down. so Don foliages. When he comes back three yearss subsequently. a alteration occurs in both male parent and boy. Don goes from seeking to set control over his male parent. to recognizing that his clip will come. He becomes more inactive. The male parent decides non to move so harshly towards his boy. and besides comes to the realisation that his boy will one twenty-four hours hold to take over. and John will necessitate to vacate. This alteration loosens some of the tenseness between the two. and in the household every bit good.

In “Brother Death” . Sherwood Anderson creates a household like no other. She has dynamic and inactive characters interacting with one another. Some characters. like Mary and Ted. assist each other find a happier life. while John and Don create a struggle with one another. impeding each other and doing an already hard life worse. The writer creates Louise. the female parent. and Mary. the sister. as inactive characters. while everyone else exhibits dynamic qualities. While Louise does non play an of import portion in the short narrative. Mary has one of the most of import parts. She helps Ted discovery freedom and a happy life. work outing. individual handedly. one of the two struggles in the narrative. The 2nd issue between John and Don finally solves itself. They both put the jobs that they had out in the unfastened and worked on them until the solution to this last statement became evident. Anderson illustrates the power of a household and how different personalities affect people’s lives.

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