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The Struggles and the Worth of the Modern World

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  • Pages 4
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    As I walk down the streets, I am seeing the impact of what technology and man’s neglection has produced. I cannot breath- it is not because I’m overwhelmed, it is because of pollution. I feel the warmth of th sun- it is not because of sunbathing but of global warming. From these experiences,I have awakened. I have undergone the changes  to absorb ordinary experiences and make an ordinary situation into an extraordinary one. From my  uncivilized and simple living comes the enlightened individual ready to face the struggles and also the worth of the modern world.

    The lesson that I have gained from the enlightenment is that no man is  an island. I am not living alone in this world. There are other organisms- the fauna, which pertains to the animals and flora, which pertains to flowers and trees – that constitute to it and continue its balance. If one of them perished, it is also our responsibility because it will decline the balance. Moreover, the effects would not be good for all of us.

    Nowadays, man has control of himself, of nature, of society. He knows what he will do but does not know the  outcome. He is responsible for the rewards and consequences of the action that he makes. He possesses the ingenuity and resourcefulness than before. There are life-changing  developments that are happening to humans.  The coming of technological advancements speak loudly on how innovations permeate his world today. From doing simple objects, he can now create an intricate machine. Today’s latest breakthrough ;cellphones, computers,mp3 and reflects achievement. Also, it has produced harmful effects to nature.

    The technology made by man has affected the natural phenomena and produced pollutions and global warming. The earth is being changed by man; before it needs not to be managed because it has its own way of living , according to William Meyer. Lindsey Harrison aptly states that when it comes to interaction with nature,man increased size over other species. Moreover, man should learn how to balance the law of advancements to cope up with the law of nature.

    Problems regarding the environment are caused by the production by industries, dumping of garbage anywhere, using chemicals and disposing them improperly, vehicle combustion,cutting of trees  and most of all self-discipline. It arises to negative impacts like flood, global warming, landslides, pollution resulting to short life span.

    I can be a part of the change. I have discovered that I have the solution and it should start with me. First, I have to change my lifestyle. Second, I should educate other people regarding the effects of cutting of trees and dumping of garbage anywhere. It is nice to know and learn more on environmental issues so that individuals will learn to understand their shortcomings. Third, I will obey the law. Also, I will walk the talk.I will involved myself into activities that will promote cleanliness, orderliness and green revolution – planting of new trees replacing the cut ones.

    I will have to strengthen my moral fiber on respecting nature and minimize the selfishness in me. Now is the time for change. There is still hope. I, being awakened have listed some ways on how to minimize if not necessarily prevent the cause of man’s neglection on technology’s harmful effect to nature.

    • First – lifestyle. It is time to participate in environmental tasks to lessen the negative impact of man’s doings. Such tasks include energy saving, water conservation, waste management and having “green” revolution.
    • Second – education. I will also help into information dissemination on how to take care of trees, animals and their habitat. It should begin at an early age. I have a crucial role in developing new patterns of behavior by being a model to people of my age.
    • Third – obey the law. I know that there are laws on conservation and protection of the environment, but the problem is we  do not obey it. If only, each of us would realize that following the law will result to a better environment and healthier living.
    • Fourth – walk the talk. Every citizen ,as they get the information ,must do something.

    Man has the ability to change nature- its development or destruction. He has changed the Earth.Moreover, man should learn from these negative impacts that he had made to become an integral part of the growth of human personality and his environment. Let us not ignore the warning signs. Let us act.

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