My Friend’s Struggles In Life

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Several months ago my best friend, Dana McFarland, tried to make a awful thing. She tried to take her  on some pills. I was truly aghast when I found out. I asked her why she didn’t allow anyone cognize how she was experiencing. She replied, I felt like no 1 would understand.  I told her she could ever speak to me about anything, and I would make my best to seek and assist her.

Dana told me that she had felt truly depressed for hebdomads. She besides told me she didn’t know why she had been experiencing like that. From what I could see she had a batch traveling for her. Dana had merely gotten a trade name new auto, she had a great fellow, and she had friends and household that loved her. It seemed that Dana was populating the life I ever wanted. Dana told me that after she took those pills she laid at that place for approximately 10 proceedings and so realized that she did non desire to decease. Dana told her female parent what she did, and the ambulance took her to the infirmary.

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At the infirmary they ran some trial on her and made her drink some black material called wood coal. Dana told me that it tasted truly awful. She said it about made her throw up. The physicians told her that if she drank all the wood coal that she would be okay. They made Dana stay at the infirmary for four hours for observation. After the four hours were up they said that she could travel place, but she need to acquire aid every bit shortly as possible. The following twenty-four hours Dana’s parents took her to rent. They did evaluated her. Dana told me they asked her a whole batch of inquiries and that some of them were truly dense 1s. She told them that she still felt down, but that she did non desire to decease. Dana realized now that there were people willing to assist her. The adult female at Charter told Dana that they felt like she did non necessitate to be admitted, but she needed to see a head-shrinker. They told Dana that she would likely necessitate to be put medicine.

A twosome hebdomads subsequently Dana went to travel see the head-shrinker. The physician talked to her and set her on some medicine. Dana said that it was called Prozac. After about three hebdomads on the medicine Dana said that she started to detect a difference. Dana told me that she didn’t  concern as much and that it was easier for her to kip. Finally she the old Dana once more. I am so glad that she lived and got the aid she needed.



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