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Nstp Reflection Paper

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Fhritzie Lee: There are a lot of good things that I can learn and do with my life; I know that from the moment that I was born, I am destined for a purpose. Living on purpose is the only way to really live, everything else just exists. Once I know what God wants me to do, the blessing comes in actually doing it. It defines success for me. It will show me that what I truly believe is what is important, not what the world says.

As a girl with dreams of having my own charity foundation, I wanted to have a concrete and can’t-be-ruined faith & confidence.

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Nstp Reflection Paper
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Every day I have the opportunity to learn and experience something new. I should seize that opportunity, learn from it and use it to change the world even in little things that I do. NSTP had served as a stepping stone for me to see new things outside my boundary.

I learned that I don’t have to get higher grades nor solve and analyze Accounting problems to help . . . for all I needed is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. It seems like another school break is nearing its end. At first, it seems just like any other school break.

But looking back, it did have its ups and downs. One part of it is my NSTP class. NSTP was a one big rollercoaster ride. It was fine with me going to our designated area although it was costly because of the fare we have to pay, but I realized that I did actually had fun in one way or another. Despite my initial bitterness against having to wake up early on Saturday for NSTP class since I’ve been usually tired from Monday to Friday, still I found a sense of fulfillment as I enjoyed every lessons and activities we had. Those times I had with our NSTP class belongs now to my memories.

I strongly believe that those memories help me in my effort to learn from it and succeed in the future. The very essence of those things is the effects it had on me and what it was like to help and go out of my boundaries. It was actually the idea of helping which is weighing on my mind and heart right now. I promised to take it upon myself the lessons, friendship and teamwork that I had learned and experienced to build my dream charity foundation in the future. I may not have that one magical effect to the society, but with the things I plan to do, society can slowly and surely change.

In the activities we had, I had commit and share the life lessons and godly passions God has given for me to share with. The activities had shaped me to know the combination of spiritual gifts, heart, ability, personality, talents and experiences that God had offered and given to me. I also learned that I should not get discouraged and give up easily every time I stumble. It has been a bridge for my spiritual, emotional and personality development. It had shown to me that whatever our aspects in life – rich or poor, powerful or not – we were all equal and the same, for we are all people of God.

The experiences I had served as an eye-opener for me, to be aware of the current situation not just in the community we have visited, but for the whole country. It was a process of influencing and directing activities towards goal accomplishment. By visiting the area, I realized that I had a purpose to do and it inspires me to be more confident about myself. I am now more aware of what is going around and how to make a difference in it. It had greater impact on the leadership and teamwork skills I’d learn, both of which are vital in the world of work.

It has really been a great way for me to step outside my comfort zone and reach out others. All through my experience, there are various occasions when I had to make decisions. A number of them present in difficult forms and at crucial points, most of it eventually figure and describe the track of my life; but I refer to them as lessons and experiences which I will forever remember. I also learned that in some instance there will always be a time where I will be forced to pay a price to achieve something. This only implies that in life, I have to trade for the outcome I am seeking.

Aside from the activities we had, the film showings that we watched perked up my consciousness as to what is really happening around. I learned a lot of things about the church and the life of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. before he died. I knew how hard his life was, still he show much love and care for our country. But as of now, my NSTP days are soon finally over. No more morning alarms on Saturdays. I was looking forward for this day so I can have a rest since I’ve been sick lately, but I never imagined that seeing it slightly ending is heartbreaking and a little painful.

I’m looking forward for the next upcoming NSTP class in the second term of the school year; I know it will be a beginning of a new chapter in the book of my life. New events and experiences will happen, but I am ready and open for that. Most of all, I know NSTP will be my stepping stone to build my future charity foundation. Through this, I am beginning to know my real purpose and I know that one of my purposes in life is to help and serve the people of God; NSTP as my starting point.

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