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Reflection Paper to the movie Happy

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Wellness, Lifestyle, Health, and Happiness
Happiness comes from within. Many people could be living in the same environment and facing the same challenges but some seem to be happier than others. No matter what one’s challenges are, it is one’s choice and decisions to live a happy and content life. There has been an unfounded belief that the rich are happier than the poor but research has given contradicting results. I cannot say that I have lived a happy life but after watching the “Happy” documentary, I am now ready to live positively and happily no matter what circumstances I am facing.

I have realized that we make ourselves unhappy by complaining about the problems we face in our day-to-day life rather than appreciating the good side of life. We should focus on the positive aspects of life and try as much as we cannot to let the negative aspects of our lives ruin our happiness. The documentary shows how wellness, health, lifestyle and happiness are intertwined by using examples from around the world.

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Reflection Paper to the movie Happy
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This film was inspired by an article written in the New York Times by Andrew C. Revkin titled “A New Measure of Well-Being from a Happy Little Kingdom” in 2005. In this article countries were ranked in terms of their level of happiness and the United States was ranked in position 23. It was surprising how countries which were poor in comparison with the United States surpassed it in their level of happiness. Countries like Iceland and Puerto Rico were ranked above the United states and this led to the argument that if the basic necessities are provided for, other factors like the economic factors have very little to do with the level of happiness and satisfaction in life. In the documentary, the filmmakers used scientific research and real human stories to explore the non-material sources of happiness and show that although there is no formula for happiness, everyone can actually be happy. The documentary used subjects who ranged from an Indian who was a rickshaw driver to crab-fishing Cajuns in Louisiana bayou to an old Brazilian surfer.

This documentary actually takes us around the globe examining the level of happiness of different people around the world. This documentary can be complimented by the fact that it is enjoyable to watch as it is brimming with sense of joy and positive energy from the shared real life experiences. Just like its title, the documentary can actually make you happy by just sitting and engaging with the individual stories from the subjects used. The documentary as we have stated above, looks at how wellness, health, lifestyle and happiness are intertwined. The term wellness is made up of six dimensions namely; physical, social/intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, emotional and the environment. The physical dimension consists of exercise and food consumption whereas the social consists of one’s sense of humor, creativity and curiosity. The interpersonal involves one’s communication skills and capacity of intimacy. The emotional covers the mental health and one’s ability to deal with his feelings. The spiritual covers the positive, forgiveness, compassion, and joy, and the environmental dimension covers our planets health.

When discussing one’s wellness, we find that lifestyle and health are much-interconnected topics. For one to live a healthy life, he must engage in healthy activities throughout the different stages of life. These practices include exercises, trying to prevent disease, eating healthy foods, preparing for emergencies, having health insurances and living in areas that promote good health. In the textbook we are told that health consists of one’s mental or physical condition and his/her state of living free from injury or illness. Like health, lifestyle can be defined as the way in which one lives their health, prioritizing health and taking care of him or herself through the body, mind and soul. It is now clear that both lifestyle and health help guide a person to achieve happiness. From the different parts of the world in the documentary, there are all dimensions of wellness in each. There is however a difference in the levels of happiness caused by release of endorphins. One of the most interesting parts in the documentary is the coverage of emotional dimension. We can see an educator helping school students to deal with bullies as well as help clarify the effects of bullying to the victims.

It is emotional to see the students undergo emotional torture at young age. Personal problems can be solved in a healthy way as evidenced by the documentary. There are cultural dances that are performed with the intent of uniting community members. This can be done on occasions or celebrations. The documentary touches on interpersonal aspects of happiness. The Denmark family can be used to illustrate the heights of co-existence where multiple families have been brought together to interact and educate each other on the importance of life, being happy and upholding respect for one another. On the side of spiritual wellbeing, the documentary touches on various aspects. This can be tied to a specific religion or the overall universe. Some people claim to believe in the afterlife while others deny it. This can be based on the difference in personal perspectives amongst different people at different places of the world. It determines the level of happiness an individual can have since it affects how, when and why some things should be done or why they should not be done. Another aspect as seen from the documentary is the environment.

We can see people hunting for food and others living in manmade huts. This creates a comparison between the happiness of natives and the people who work hard like the Japanese men. The use and need for the environment in levels of happiness vary widely depending on the location and the wellness of the inhabitants. The levels of happiness an individual can experience cannot be defined or rather quantified in any definition whatsoever. Like evidenced in the documentary, different people have their own sources of happiness which means there is no a predefined formula of being happy. For instance, a sick lady is happy when her community supports her recovery, a fisherman can spend days in the swamps just to provide some food for his family, and others hunt on daily basis. It is thus clear that happiness is within an individual. Looking at the gross national happiness and comparing it with the poor can analyze the overall happiness of a given population.

This brings the issue of money as a source of happiness to many individuals. According to my understanding and belief, money is not the only source of happiness but creates an avenue by making people stable thorough financing their projects, life matters and also ensuring there are developments in the community through provision of quality services.

Lifestyle is an unavoidable aspect to discuss. The documentary helps us in analyzing this aspect where we see the health insurance in Denmark been given out to the public. This is intended to ensure that every individual has the best health by ensuring there is optimal disease prevention. Taking good care of health and ensuring that their desired lifestyle increases the level of happiness an individual can experience.

The issue of happiness can thus be defined as mostly based on personal perspectives and beliefs. Physical activity is my personal perspective of happiness. I find time throughout my day to go the gym, take a kickboxing class, or involve myself in a boot camp. There are those who do not “have time” throughout their day to workout but I make time whether it is at 5 or 6 in the morning because it is what truly makes me happy. This physical lifestyle intertwines my wellness, health, lifestyle and happiness. It is distinct from others but there are also some issues that can source happiness for a group of people. For instance, a given community can be happy when there are development activities or there is an occasion to share. Interactions also can influence on lifestyles and change perceptions of some issues hence this can also change the levels of happiness an individual can experience.

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