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Intensifying and Strengthening NSTP in Dinagat Islands

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  • Pages 2
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    “Intensifying and Strengthening NSTP in Dinagat Islands” was the theme of our NSTP Day held at DJEMFCST Quadrangle last February 28, 2013, Thursday 8:00 A. M. In the morning, we had a program and it was begun by a prayer by a BSBA-1 student followed by the singing of national anthem by an education student, Gecel Nardo conducting. The program then was opened by the NSTP President Mr. Renford F. Ho. We had a lot of games made, the first game was NSTP Henyo with two participants each group and there were six groups.

    We also played sundalong pinoy, Maria went to town, egg throw, sack race, lemon relay, and eggplant relay. Some of the group played volleyball in the afternoon but then it was void. In the evening was the search for Ms. and Mr. NSTP 2013 with the beautiful and handsome master of ceremony, Ms. Menchie Ecleo and Mr. James Carl Marzan. It was opened again by the NSTP President Mr. Renford F. Ho. The first exposure for the search was the environmental attire after the production.

    The second exposure was the sports attire followed by their individual talents. And the last exposure was the long gown attire or the recycle gown made by the students in every group. After those exposures was the question and answer portion of the candidates. And the last part is the crowning of crown to the King and Queen of NSTP 2013 by the Executive Finance Officer Sir Benglen B. Ecleo with the school Director Madame Pacita T. Orbita.

    The activity from the morning until the search was then successfully done and all students in every group looks stressed. This experience is one of my unforgettable moments because of all the stresses we had not only in my part but I think all of us. At last the activity was successfully done. This was the environmental attire from group 2 women wore by Ms. Roselyn Dechavez, group two candidate. The environmental attire from group 2 men by Marwin Baguinawon and won as the best in environmental attire.

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    Intensifying and Strengthening NSTP in Dinagat Islands. (2016, Oct 10). Retrieved from

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