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Presentation and Analysis, and Interpretation of Data



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    Chapter 4
    Presentation and Analysis, and Interpretation of Data

    Venus Dejapon BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee A – PAR 3 Grill Golf & Country Club (San Sebastian, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo) According to Trainee A, she found her on-the-job training as easy as it is. It was easy for her because of the people she worked with are friendly. Most of her co-trainees are her classmates and closest friends, and some are from New Lucena which were also good. The tasks that were given or assigned to her were being dishwasher, bussing out soiled dishes of the guest, giving of food item, incharge of housekeeping, and sometimes doing table skirting. The difficult task that was given to her was addressing guest complaints. The experiences that were undesirable based on her experience was when she gave different food item instead of the guest’s order. Supposed to be, his order was “puto and dinuguan” but instead of it, she gave the guest “banana and mountain dew”.

    According to Trainee A, the aspect that can help her in the future is that it shows her the reality beyond the school knowledge and aside from the theoretical explanation of her course. Trainee A agrees that on-the-job training experiences alter her life as a person because it gives her another idea and another experiences wherein she can use them in her future. Generally, on-the-job training is very useful to her as a student because she has given an overview of what kind of job is waiting for her after she graduate.

    Geraldine Marie A. Cervas BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee B – Moon Cafe (SM City Iloilo)
    According to her she found her OJT to be hard and difficult. The first task given to her after she was oriented by the management was being a receptionist wherein she welcomes guest, assists the guest to their sits, taking guest’s order and serving the guest’s orders. Sometimes she was assigned as a back up, wherein she cleans and sanitizes utensils and sometimes preparing juices.

    Trainee B find receptionist as a difficult task because according to her she’s standing for a long time at the receptionist’s area and wait for the guests to be served which she finds very tiring.

    The strategies she did were taking everything easy and she applied what she had learned at school and she also listen to the management instruction and advises to make her work easy and to cope up her OJT.

    Trainee B’s undesirable experience was when she accidentally poured an iced tea and calamares to the costumer. She was so scared that time that the costumer might got angry on her and she will be reported to the manager but luckily the manager understands her and considered her because she’s just a trainee.

    Generally, for Trainee B, OJT is very useful because she had given a lot of experience to be a better employee on the future.

    Frima Q. Ganancial BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee C – Red Corner by Hong Kong Kitchen, SM City Iloilo
    Trainee C find the on-the job training easy because he just take it easily, and before that the techniques or strategies of the task has already been told in the school. He had been assigned in the kitchen, dining, bar and reception area of the establishment. Specifically, he help cook in the kitchen, mixed drinks for example Rum cola, do there Shakes and Sago’t gulaman in the bar, and serve and bus out in the dining area. For waiters, handling customers is difficult especially when there is a lot, like for example events like Dinagyang according to him are difficult. In order to cope up to those difficulties he just takes it easily. Experiences that are undesirable are when he saw one of the kitchen staff urinating in the wall of the kitchen because the comfort room is far away and it occur trice even though the head saw it. Other undesirable thing is the attitude of the staff, “galibakanay sila kag hisaanay” trainee C said. “Nami sa gwa kalain sa sulod” he added. Trainee C shared that even he does inappropriate things like drinking and eating leftovers from buffet. All that he learned would
    be very useful in his future job. The training wouldn’t change him but add to the learning’s, but of course he wouldn’t follow the bad examples he experience. Generally, trainee C said that the on-the job training would be very useful because he could experience the actual routine of the establishment.

    Rovy Grace Tribunsay BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee D – B-code restaurant and bar (Paseo, Diversion Road)
    Based on her personal experience, she find her on-the-job training quite easy because the staffs that are friendly and there is no problem about them. She is assigned all around, in bar area, being a waiter, bussing out, dish washing and assisting the chef. No difficult tasks where given to her, because she learned already the tasks at school and experience it and she was guided by the staffs at B-code on what to do or the proper things to do.

    Time management is one of the strategies she made, because she is at the night shift, because B-code is a bar and restaurant type so manpower is really needed at that time and it is hassle to her because after class she went there and have her OJT.

    The undesirable things she experience is socializing with the guest because she is at the bar so some guest are drunk so she cannot avoid that there are some costumers taking advantage to them personally many aspects of the on-the-job training that can help her in her future job. Like having experiences, so that she have a background on her work in the future, because she is under at the hospitality industry so she need experiences to cope up someday for her future job. On-the-job training can alter her because he learned how to socialize to others, especially to drunk people, and she can now hold her temper and patience. In some undesirable things on-the-job training is useful because it gives her more experiences and background regarding at the hospitality industry.

    Jan Yves Laguna BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee E – Pizza Hut (Robinson’s Place Iloilo)
    Trainee E find her practicum/OJT difficult because she is afraid/scared of
    experiencing some guest’s complains.
    During her practicum she was assigned as a dishwasher and a waitress taking orders on the guests (waiter). Taking the order of the guests is one of the difficult task given to Trainee E. She experienced guests complains for giving the wrong order. With that she bear in mind that she has to do her work better to avoid another error and on her work to make a good impression to her co-workers and her manager in the establishment she had strategies to cope-up with those difficulties by being focus and her work. According to Trainee E, she had a undesirable experience with her co-workers. She was back stubbed by them, judging her ways of cooking. But she just ignore all the issues and focus on her work. Because of her OJT, she was charged, she earned self-confidence in approaching and serving guests. She had an improvement on handling guest request. Generally, her OJT is a preparatory for her future job and she find herself more responsible on her duties Frima Q. Ganancial BSCSM 3-E

    Trainee F
    Trainee F find his on-the job training fine because the management is good and she like working but unfortunately her mother undergone operation. Thus, she suddenly stopped without saying a word to the establishment, resulting to not finishing her on-the job training. The task that was given to her are serving orders to the customers, slicing vegetables, and sometimes helping the dishwasher wash the plates. She didn’t find any task difficult because the management is helpful and guiding. Trainee F didn’t experience anything undesirable it’s just that she hasn’t finished it and she felt “kanugon”. She became confident in dealing with people she didn’t know, and learned to serve food properly that she think would be useful in her future job. On-the job training alters her by waking up early but sometimes she’s late because she’s doing household chores, in exchange she do overtime. Generally, on-the job training is useful to her because it add knowledge to the course she’s taking, dealing with people and a lot more she couldn’t remember.

    Angel Gatera BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee G – Pizza Hut (Robinson’s Place)
    He find her OJT difficult that made him incomplete in his practicum 1. During her OJT he was assigned in different tasks such as setting plates, offering the memo book to the costumers, getting the customer’s order and serving food items. Sometimes he is cleaning the dining area. Trainee G was also assigned in the kitchen as a chef assistant where he was assigned in chopping vegetables.

    The difficulties he encountered was giving of menu book because he is not familiar with the menu’s he didn’t had the solution to solve the problem to cope up with the difficulties but instead he was transferred to the kitchen to help in cutting vegetables. He was not able to finish his practicum 1 but during summer he complied his 150 hours but he was still marked as incomplete because of his late completion of requirements.

    Trainee G had on undesirable experiences. He was not able to perform well the assigned tasks and when gave the wrong order to their customer.
    He learned from his OJT on how to take orders properly and to serve customers order with those knowledge he can use there’s to his future job.
    Trainee G’s experiences alter him is on way that he learned how to serve to the costumers properly.
    Generally, OJT is useful to trainee G because it helps him prepare for his future job and for he also had idea on how to work at the restaurant.

    Jhoila R. Deroy BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee H – PAR 3 Grill Golf & Country Club (San Sebastian, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo) OJT to Trainee H was difficult for her most of the time, she’s lazy enough not to go to work. Travelling from her house to the establishment was time consuming and expensive. During her OJT, she was assigned in different tasks such as, serving guests, wash dishes and cleaning the dining area. A difficulty on her OJT happens whatever the establishment caters. She find it hard to accommodate multiple orders of different guests she can’t handle guests request especially those in hurry. She’s panicking whenever there are plenty of guests. She didn’t any solution to solve her problem or cope up with the difficulties she encountered.

    Trainee H had undesirable experience during her OJT. Going home late, transportation fee, where its time consuming to wait for the jeepney. Going to work early but going home late. Trainee H earned skills that are very useful for her future job such as table skirting and washing dishes. Also, with those experiences, she was altered. She became an early bird, because of her OJT, she learned to wake up early to go to work to comply her 150 hours but she wasn’t able to comply. But he/she became responsible on her studies and other duties. She was given a certificate by the establishment although she was not able to comply her 150 hours. She had an agreement with the establishment that she has to work during her weekends to comply the 150 hours. Even she had the certificate, she was still marked as incomplete due to late submission of practicum requirements.

    Riffy Fortunado BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee I – Hong Kong Kitchen (Robinson’s Place)
    She was required to comply a 150 hours in the establishment as a requirement on her practicum subject. According to trainee I, she find hr OJT difficult. She find it difficult because of the problems she encountered. She encountered unpleasant costumers and had a personal issue with her co-trainee which happen to be her best friend. Because of those problems she wasn’t able to finish her 150 hours OJT in the establishment.

    During Trainee I’s OJT, she was assigned in different task. Trainee I was assigned as dishwasher and waitress. According to Trainee I, washing dishes was one of difficult tasks that was given to her. For she had to wash multiple numbers of soiled plates which is very tiring for her. Serving costumer orders is another difficult task that was given to her for it is difficult for her to accommodate multiple numbers of guests specially during rush hours or lunch time. But with those problems, she wasn’t able to cope-up or had a strategy to solve problems.

    Also, on Trainee I’s OJT, she had undesirable experience with her co-workers, his establishment’s employees. In which, according to Trainee I, her co workers has fiercing eyes, very watchful eyes on her and very judgemental that made her uncomfortable to work in the establishment. But because of her OJT experience, Trainee I learned how to properly serve the guests and she earned self confidence to approach costumers that she considered as aspects of her OJT that is useful for her future job. Trainee I has the initiative now to do things on her own. And generally, with her short experiences of OJT, she became responsible with the task that was assigned to her.

    Trainee I took a summer class to comply her practicum subject. For now, she’s having his/her OJT on another establishment. She has to finish her 150 hours this semester or before the completion of grades expires. And for her practicum subject, he/she is still marked incomplete.

    Riffy Fortunado BSCSM 3-E
    Trainee J – Paprika (Boardwalk Site Diversion Road)
    At first she find it difficult, because it’s her first time and everything should be fast moving and she’s not used on those kind of environment. The main problem she had was she got pregnant during her OJT and she’s not aware of it. She wasn’t able to continue her duty hour not until she lost her baby. After that, she pursue her OJT.

    On her OJT, she was assigned as a waitress nothing more nothing less. She experienced multiple request that made her cramming that she considered as a difficult task.

    Right after her class, she immediately goes to the establishment and work for her to cope up with the difficulties she experience. But undesirable instances cannot be avoided. On the establishment, her co-workers or her co-waitresses murmuring unpleasant words about her whenever she’s around which is very undesirable experience for her.

    But because of her OJT , she learned how to be a good waitress and how to approach costumers. According to Trainee J, her OJT experience altered her in a way she was taught what a waitress does that she could use or imply on her future job. Generally, her OJT helped her gain knowledge with the reality of her chosen career and the future job that she’s about to take.

    Her practicum subject was considered dropped because of not having ship familiarization due to her pregnant condition. In present, she is appointed to retake her practicum subject although she finished her 150 hours Restaurant Phase Training.

    Presentation and Analysis, and Interpretation of Data. (2016, Jul 23). Retrieved from

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