Old Spice

James Reed Rhetorical Analysis English 101 Due: 09/20/12 Rhetorical Analysis “Old Spice Commercial” Smell is one of the strongest of the five senses; it also is a key factor that plays huge role in a man’s overall attraction. If a guy smells good, he is almost instantly a more attractive man than he was before his scent could reach you nose. Old Spice advertises its products (body wash) with the ideal man, one who describes himself doing pretty impressive things. This rhetorical analysis is focusing on these topics: why the creator is not believable in the commercial, who the intended audience was, and the questions stated in the rubric.

Old Spice is the creator of the ad. I do not perceive him/her as credible for the advertisement. It would be hard to believe that if I smelled like Isaiah Mustafa, AKA “the Old Spice Man”, I would be instantly able to do the things that he does in the commercial such as: for example, log rolling, walking on water, or jumping a waterfall into a hot tub, and coming out riding a motorcycle (just to name a few). The ad does not offer reasonable grounds for anything that is mentioned such as if your man smelled like him he could bake a gourmet cake in such a “dream home” he built with his own bare hands.

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He is making the audience believe that “’anything is possible” if you smell like him, like suddenly appearing on a rolling log from a dock on the beach, and then walking across water to a kitchen. The ad is trying to persuade you into buying the Old Spice product, by insinuating you will instantly become the “man of her dreams”. Though the commercial was funny, the reason why I think it’s not credible is because it is so obvious and unrealistic. Although Old Spice is solely a man’s product, I can be easily stated the intended audience is for not just the men but women as well, or couples.

My first point is, he starts the commercial by saying “Hello Ladies”. In the advertisement the spokesperson keeps referring to the actual consumer of the product as “your man”. This, again, must mean that he talking to the female half of the couple, or male, (which ever type of relationship it is). The creator is targeting the mostly women in relationships, because what lady wouldn’t want their man to be like the “Old Spice Man”. One of the questions was “How does the author use language and visual elements within the commercial? ” His tone is definitely a language element he uses to help persuade the audience.

His voice is very deep and authoritative and his words have such a strong manly tone behind them. The content of what he was saying was interesting, but almost random, I thought. One main visual element was that the camera angle remained constant throughout the whole video. Using various backgrounds with only one camera angle allowed the viewers to focus on the backdrops while listening to man speak in the commercial. You could say that the author uses an appeal to the emotions of a man. The Old Spice Man, indeed, was and pretty interesting guy, and was pretty physically fit in my opinion.

The creator possibly used this to make the average male think what he would be like if he was, and have him thinking that if he smelled like him he could become like him. The creator is making us think that, that guy is a “man” because he uses Old Spice body wash, now you want some so you can be a “man” too. Although I think the commercial is unbelievable it still achieve its purpose, which is to sell the Old Spice product. Works Cited Old Spice | Questions. You Tube, 2010. Web. 20 Sep 2012. <http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=uLTIowBF0kE&feature=player_embedded>.

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