Opportunities as a Nurse Essay

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Becoming a nurse means so much more than handing out medications and giving shots to people. Being a nurse is being there for people when they have nobody else, it means to not judge them no matter their situation, to have a knowledge and confidence to help whenever it is needed but also be willing to speak up when you don’t understand.

In today’s world the nursing career field offers so many opportunities of work in catering to any passion of the field. If you want to travel in your work then you should do so. If you want to share your knowledge with the world than go teach. And if you want to have hands on experience of saving lives of the most vulnerable then in nursing you can do that as well.

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Everyone has goals and dreams they want to reach in their working lives and it is just so exciting that becoming a nurse it gives you the ability to do so and make good money at it while you are living out your dreams.

Traveling in the nursing field gives you a wide variety of patients to reach and knowledge to obtain while working. Traveling would be a good opportunity for someone who is shy or has a hard time meeting people because it will force them to move every six weeks or so and meet new people. Travel nursing also pays really well and gives you a care free environment to see the world and make money while you are doing it. Also, when you are traveling in the nursing field you are put on a different unit so for someone that wants to use all of the skills they learned in nursing school this gives them the opportunity to do just that and learn beyond what you learned while in school. Nobody says it better than the travel nursing website I found in my research stating so many reasons why traveling in nursing gives back so much “Some travel nurses base their assignment choices on the weather, living the life of a ‘snowbird’ and enjoying a year-round mild climate. Other traveling RNs select their assignments based on hobbies such as hiking, scuba diving, surfing or the exploration of historical sites. Justin Howe, RN, who travels with nurse staffing agency American Mobile Healthcare, decided to combine his love of nursing with his love of the outdoors when he chose to leave his hometown of Hershey, Pennsylvania, to work as a travel nurse in California.” (‘Why Nurses Choose to Travel: RNs Discuss the Advantages,’ n.d.)

Travel nursing is very beneficial to a single person wanting to make good money and see the United States at the same time, sometimes you might even find somewhere you want to settle down in.

A good definition of teaching in the nursing field is something I came across while reading up on my opportunities of being a future nurse the quote said, “The intensely relational aspects of nursing are just as vital in education. Educators who know and respect their students have a much greater impact—much like nurses who take the time to respect and listen to their patients.” (‘Nurse Teaching Nurse: What You Need to Know About Becoming a Nurse Educator | Rasmussen College,’ n.d.)

Teaching has always been something that I have always been shy to pursue because I have a fear of speaking in front of people but being confident in what I am teaching might help me along the way. This gives you a chance to do something you might think you would never do if you are more confident in what you’re teaching and depending on what you are teaching you might get to teach a lot of hands on knowledge which would be something that I feel I am good at. Teaching is also something that would be a good option for someone that can longer do the hard labor of being a floor nurse but still want to reach people with your knowledge and talent.

Working on the floor as a nurse in my opinion gives you the most time with patients and ability to master your skills and learn new skills along the way. Being on the floor with other nurses and patients that walk all different ways of life gives you the opportunity to really learn from others.

I think in nursing you are given so many opportunities because the world really needs our helping hands and the knowledge behind them. The opportunities are endless and I hope to get to try a few of them before my career is over. I think most nurses want this career because they enjoy being there for people and making them happy during a tragic time in their lives.

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