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Organization Management

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1. Administrative theorists concluded many decades ago that the most effective organizations have a narrow span of control. Yet today’s top-performing manufacturing firms have a wide span of control. Why is this possible? Under what circumstances, if any, should manufacturing firms have a narrow span of control? The best-performing manufacturing operations today rely on self-directed team, so direct supervision is supplemented with other coordinating mechanisms. Self-directed teams coordinate mainly through informal communication and specialized knowledge, so formal hierarchy plays a minor role.

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A narrow span of control is necessary where employees perform highly interdependent jobs because employees tend to experience more conflict with each other, which requires more of a manager’s time to resolve. 2. Leaders of large organizations struggle to identify the best level and types of centralization and decentralization. What should companies consider when determining the degree of decentralization? A company should consider the size of the organization, as the number of employees increase, jobs specialization increases due to a greater division of labor.

The greater division of labor requires more elaborate coordinating mechanism 3. IBM is becoming a globally integrated enterprise. What does this organization look like in terms of departmentalization? What challenges might face companies that try to adopt the globally integrated enterprise model? IBM has an established Chain of Command, currently the vice president of worldwide engineering, day to day work locations is where the procurement center located. A company that wants to work towards a globally integrated enterprise may face challenge on their guest.

For instance getting sensitive to cultural and market difference and having local representation to support that sensibility. 4. From an employee perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a matrix organizational structure? Employees working at the matrix level have two bosses and consequently, two set of priorities that aren’t always aligned with each other. Answer the following questions: 1. Calculate the score for the four corporate cultures using the scoring key on page 523. Explain thoroughly why you agree or disagree with each of the results.

Control Culture – my scene interpretation was medium. I agree with this because, although I think a senior executive should lead, I also think they should develop leaders and let them lead. Performance Culture – My score interpretation was medium. I don’t agree with medium because I believe it should be higher. I’m all for value of individual and organizational performance. Relationship Culture – My score interpretation was high. I agree with this because it’s my belief that fairness and teamwork is very vital. If employees feel that they are treated fair, there will be less of a turnover ratio within the organization.

Responsive Culture – My score interpretation was high. I agree with this because of the constant changes of technology. Companies must keep their ears and eyes open if they want to stay competitive. 2. Describe your current culture in your working environment. Given your results, are you a fit or not? At my work environment, I guess it depends on what department you work in. In my department, I’m lucky to work with a leader that cares about my career development. As long as I work with leaders that genuinely care about creating leaders, then I’m working at the job of my dreams. . What can you do to better align yourself with your current culture, given your preferences that you now know? I think I can stay on the path I’m on.

As long as I don’t jeopardize my integrity for anyone, I should do just fine Answer the following questions: 1. What symptom(s) exist in this case to suggest that something has gone wrong? Once the survey came back, it illustrated that the employees were used to getting promises, but managers weren’t living up to them. 2. What are the root causes that have led to symptoms? Be specific. Premium Management & Poor Management . What actions should the company take to correct these problems? Explain why the company should take these actions. The company should try to connect the workers together away from work. Let them get to meet one another on a nonworking basis. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about one another’s background and maybe meet each other family. This can maybe do away with any preconceive notions that may exist in one another mind. Answer the following questions: 1. According to your score and interpreting the data, how tolerant are you of change?

It seems as though I’m very tolerant of change. My interpretation was high. 2. Do you believe this is true given the results? Give examples to support your position. Yes, I agree that it is. I believe that in order to evolve change is needed. 3. Given that change is something that is ever-present in personal and professional life, what do you think you can do to better adapt and embrace change? Me personally, I’m all for change, but for those that aren’t, I suggest they try implementing a little change in their lives as the moment requires. They may find out that they are liker’s of change.

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