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This is a instance survey about Oscar F Mayer a Bavarian immigrant. founded a retail market in Chicago in the twelvemonth 1883 specializing in sausages and Westphalian jambons. With the transition of clip his concern grew in Chicago and his sausages and merchandises became rather celebrated. Then his boy Oscar G Mayer. Harvard alumnus. expanded the concern by the ways of promotional activities and the acquisitions of many little and mid-sized companies and later it becomes one of the major trade names of the state in f & A ; B.


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Oscar Mayer started as a retail market specialising in sausages and jambons. Traditional ruddy meat merchandises such as Bologna. hot Canis familiaris. bacon were introduced over a period of clip under Kraft Food Inc. After acquisition of Louis Rich Inc. they diversified their merchandise line into white meat merchandises which were lower in fat content and monetary value.


Marcus Mc Graw. president of Oscar Mayer division at kraft nutrient was confronting the most complicated concern challenge in his 22 old ages at the company. McTeirnan a sure adviser for old ages had submitted an dismaying market research study demoing the altering consumer tendencies in the processed meat market which was impacting the gross revenues growing of the division. The consumer penchant had shifted from ruddy meat merchandise due to nutrition and wellness factors every bit good as an increased gait of life. Acquisition of Louis Rich Iraqi National Congress and their Meleagris gallopavo based line of merchandises had helped them to last in the current market. To work out the job of diminishing grosss and market portion. there were four memos which he got via electronic mail. proposing future class of action on how to cover with the job.

Rob Goodman – Lotus Ritch Category Manager. Rob emphasized on altering the investing scheme.a. Increasing the budget for the advertisement so as to make the trade name consciousness about the merchandises B. To switch from the ruddy meat to the white meat as people have become cognizant about the wellness issues and the altering wellness wonts of the people.

Jane Morley- Director of Finance & A ; PlaningJane Morley emphasizes on demand of puting in acquisition of little companies which have low investing and low cost merchandises and they go in line with the consumer demands. Chicken Rite Inc. which sells low Calorie poulet salad estimated at $ 15 million.  Turkey Time Ltd. which sells white meat frozen sandwich. estimated at 20 million and which has an extra works capacity. c. Crabbies Inc. which sells shell fish merchandises at low cost and have an estimated gross revenues of 15 million

Jim Longstreet Jim Longstreet. emphasized on the gross revenues growing by integrating the new merchandises and invent 4th merchandise for the hereafter “growth engine” . The two merchandises he advised were: a. Zappetites: The merchandise line including merchandises like pizza. Burger etc. which can be used in microwave oven and will be ready in 60 seconds at a really competitory monetary value of $ 1. 39. Lunchables: This merchandise line will include nutrient for tiffin taking into position of working adult females as they don’t have clip to cook nutrient for tiffin. so fast and easy ready to eat transcribed tiffin merchandises can be the manner to travel.

Eric Stanger – VP of Oscar Mayer. Eric Stanger gave the option of traveling back to rudimentss by stressing on the flagship merchandise line such as Oscar Mayer. Increase the advertisement and Promotional budgets as a portion of reconstituting the Oscar Mayer merchandise line. Decreasing the cost of flagship merchandises so as to hold a competitory pricing with the international trade names.  Invest in R & A ; D to diminish the fat content in the ruddy meat merchandises so that it can be promoted as a healthy merchandise. To update on the capacity use of the workss and apologize costs on extra factors.


  • Change in consumer life style and eating wonts.
  • Worsening gross revenues of Oscar Mayer merchandises.
  • Menace of replacement merchandises.
  • Lack of new convenient merchandises.
  • High monetary values of their major merchandises.
  • Indecision in respects to a new merchandise line.

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