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Overview of Human Resources Management Tasks for Ufone

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Service proviso:

The basic activity carried out by HR specializers is that of supplying services to internal clients. These include direction, squad leaders and employees. These services may be general, covering all facets of HRM. Or it may be provided in one or two countries of HRM.The basic purpose is to supply services that meets the demands of the direction and its employees to manage them obviously. ( Armstrong, 2001: P 88 )


The recommendations include on HR schemes that have been advanced by procedure of analysis and diagnosing to turn to strategic issues originating from concern demands and organizational factors.

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Overview of Human Resources Management Tasks for Ufone
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The counsel may be provided on HR constabularies and processs and the execution of employment legalization. The purpose is to guarantee consistent determinations are made on things like public presentation evaluations like wage addition and disciplinary actions. ( Armstrong, 2001: P 88 )


HR practicians provide advice on affairs like occupation design, publicizing for staff, short lists for choice, developing demands and the rates of wage to be offered to new employees or publicity.

The advice besides given to persons to cover with facet of work and development like suitableness of the present occupation and calling planning ( Armstrong, 2001: P 89 ) .

Ufone HR activities:


The company get down its operations under the trade name name of Ufone, from Islamabad in January 29, 2001, as it is the subordinate of PTCL established to run the cellular services.

Due to denationalization of PTCL, 26 % of its portions obtain by the Emirates Telecommunication corporation ( Etisalat ) .The direction of Ufone besides taken over by Etisalat as it is portion of PTCL.The company expanded its web coverage to new metropoliss and rural countries of the country.Ufone has the web coverage of more than 750 metropoliss, small towns and all across the major main roads.

Due to major web enlargement, Ufone has increased its assets from RS 20 billion to RS 27 billion. Recently the company has been awarded new license for supplying cellular services to in Azad Jammu & A ; Kashmir and Northern areas.Ufone is the 2nd largest cellular company in Pakistan. ( www.docstoc.com )

Vision Statement:

“ To be the taking telecommunication service supplier in Pakistan by offering advanced communicating solutions for our clients while transcending stockholder

Value & A ; employee outlook. ( www.scribd.com )

: Service proviso:

Every administration has policy of measuring the employees and on that footing gave them the wagess. It varies from administration to administration. In Ufone, the employees are evaluated one time a twelvemonth. This is done by senior direction and helper director of the section. Sometimes they use their cardinal database system which is called Human resource information system ( HRIS ) , which contains every employee personal and organisation information like accomplishments and old public presentation. On the footing of that rating the direction decides whether to advance or non to advance the employee ( www.docstoc.com ) .


After the rating of employees the direction of the administration decides the hereafter of the employee. If the employee is executing below the criterions so they go for preparation, as in Ufone they give developing to those who agrees the status of non go forthing the administration for specific period of clip, which has a positive impact on the administration.they do prefer the off occupation preparation ( www.docstoc.com ) .


Customer service.


Harmonizing to my sentiment and research Ufone stated in its mission and vision statement that it will be a prima telecommunication administration available for “ u ” with promise to supply best client services to their customers.Ufone started its operations when Mobilink was merely the service supplier with the good web and client service. Now Ufone is the 2nd largest cellular company in Pakistan with 30 % of market portion, because they are giving quality client service and first-class web coverage to their clients. For the betterment of their web and to heighten the endorsers they invested ?550 million. With that they have been granted the license in Azad Kashmir.Ufone proud to hold an efficient and friendly client service through 21 company owned client service Centres and about 250 franchises all over the state. They are equipped with the web based franchise direction systems and with advanced solutions been able to fulfill the client ‘s jobs. It has the ability and potency to retain its bing clients through high degree client service satisfaction via 24 hr call Centre installation. While maintaining its traditions of being the tendency compositor in the industry, Ufone launched its young person section with the prepaid trade name. Ufone prepay trade name is considered to be one of the favorite trade name in young person market.

They are offering most attractive and inexpensive bundles to their clients with no hidden charges. They besides offer international roaming to different states like Europe and Middle East etc.

To look at the public presentation of the company one can state that HR section of Ufone and the activities they are making are rather successful and playing a critical function to keep and heighten the set criterions of the administration. ( www.scribd.com ) .

Harvard Framework Model of HRM

The Harvard theoretical account of HRM presented by Beer et Al ( 1984 ) at Harvard University USA.

It states that HRM should hold two features foremost, line director should take and accept the duty for guaranting the alliance of competitory schemes and forces policies, , and 2nd, forces has the mission of puting ends that govern how personnel policies are developed and implemented. ( Armstrong, P 24 ) .

General Managers are the cardinal members to implement the policies to accomplish the strategic ends with the aid of their employees, they should hold a position point that how to affect and develop employees ability and accomplishments to accomplish the strategic ends.

As the universe become planetary small town and the competition among the administrations really tough, hence the human resources demand broader in the market as comparison to earlier that ‘s why the HRM needs to take determination by affecting their employees so determination and action should be in relation between administration and employees involvement ( Armstrong, P 6 ) .

Harvard theoretical account besides recommends for human resource result that is commitment, competency, congruity and cost effectivity. As a consequence the Harvard theoretical account tends to lend on people outcome instead than organizational result and concern public presentation.

The advantages of Harvard theoretical account are as follows

1 – It takes attention of interest holders involvements.

2 – Recognises the involvement of proprietor and employees every bit good as between assorted involvement groups

3 – It widens the contexts of HRM that is “ employees influence ”

4 – Acknowledges a wide scope of contextual influence on direction ‘s pick of scheme, proposing a engagement of merchandise -market and socio-cultural logics.

( Armstrong, 2006: P8 ) .

Stakeholder Interests






HR Outcomes



Cost effectivity

Long Term Consequences

Individual Wellbeing

Organisational Effectiveness

Social wellbeing

Situational Factors

Work force features

Business scheme and conditions

Management Doctrine

Labour market


Task engineering

Laws and Social values

HRM policy picks

Employee influence

HR flow

Reward systems

Work system

Figure 2.2 The Harvard model Model of HRM.

Source Beer et Al ( 1984 )


The duplicate theoretical account of HRM developed by faculty members at the Michigan concern school, introduced the construct of strategic human resource direction by which HRM constabularies are linked to the preparation and execution of strategic concern objectives. ( B.C. et al 2007 ) .

It emphasis that it should be link between internal constabularies and external forces that how it can consequence the administration ends. The internal schemes should fit that administration can run into the challenges to vie with the external forces like political and economic factors. The administration must hold steadfast construction, motivated employees and strong direction to turn to these issues. ( B.G. et al 1999 ) .

The followers are the cardinal countries for the development of possible HR constabularies and systems.

Choice of the possible employees to run into the approaching challenges.

Performance in the chase of concern aims.

Appraisal and supplying feedback to the administration and employees.

Wagess to actuate the employees.

Development of accomplishments and cognition to run into the concern aims.



Economic Cultural

Forces Forces

Mission & A ;




Organization resource

Structure direction

HRM Matching Model.

Beginning: B.G et Al ( 1999 ) .


To accomplish the strategic ends of the administration HR determines the human

Resource needs in such a manner that it can fulfill both the administration and the employees by guaranting the qualitative and quantitive footings. Basically there are two types of HR planning, one is difficult signifier of HR planning and second is soft signifier of HR planning. Difficult signifier of HR planning is based on quantitative analysis to guarantee that right Numberss of people are available when needed, while soft signifier of HR planning is focused on determining the civilization of the administration in such a manner that it integrates between corporate ends and employee beliefs ( Class Lecture ) .


As Human Resource Management plays a critical function in the success of any administration as same instance with the HR section of the Ufone every bit good. They should be able to calculate and run into the hereafter demands of the human resources. As the competition among the telecom companies are much tougher, therefore employees are less concentrate on their occupation and are less loyal towards the company.Ufone is cognizant of the fact that their employees can go forth the occupation whenever they get the chance, therefore they do non hold a formal scheme for sequence be aftering although they prefer to enroll internally whenever the chance arises. They do develop employees for there calling planning but their is no formal sequence be aftering as such practiced by Ufone. For the bing employees they make certain to give them inducements like fillips, paid foliages, medical installations and friendly environment to actuate. In order to accomplish the strategic ends. most of the clip they promote the employee within the administration to make full the vacant vacancy harmonizing to their public presentation by utilizing their database which is known is Human Resource information System. ( HRIS ) . ( www.docstoc.com )

Critical Development:

The drawback of their HR planning is that they do non pattern sequence be aftering due to this employees are less concentrate on their occupation.

The drawback of their HR planning is that their is solution to get the better of the work load on their employees.


“ Recruitment is the procedure of happening and pulling a capable pool of appliers. “ ( Aswathappa K, 2005. P, 132 )

There are two types of enlisting takes topographic point in any administration, one is internal enlisting which about every company follows, because it generates healthy competition among the employees every bit good as motivates them to work hard in order to accomplish the strategic ends, and 2nd is external enlisting.

Recruitment at Ufone:

The HR section of Ufon provides many monitory and non monitory inducements to the bing employees to actuate them in such a manner that they can work difficult towards the accomplishment of organizational ends. As the turnover in the company is rather frequently due to workload on the employees, hence the employees prefer to go forth the administration whenever they get the right chance. To over come these issues the HR section engage the new employees to carry through the vacant topographic point. ( www.docstoc.com )

Internal Recruitment

For the top and in-between direction they do prefer to advance some one with in the administration by analyzing their public presentation from their cardinal informations base. As internal

Recruitment make a healthy competition among the employees and actuate them in such a manner that to execute their assigned responsibilities to accomplish the administration end. ( www.docstoc.com ) .

External Recruitment

To use the enthusiastic and possible campaigners from the labor market the HR section utilizing assorted techniques and tools to engage the appliers for the proposed occupation. They besides discuss and take the thoughts of the supervisors and directors of the relevant section when they are traveling to do the occupation description along with occupation specification. They are utilizing the undermentioned methods of enlisting ( www.docstoc.com ) .


Ufone additions added advantage by publicizing the occupation internally i.e. the current employees of Ufone can go through on the information to their relations and friends. This is t valuable beginning of advertizement.


The HR section hires the services of “ interflow ” , an advertizement bureau, to propagate their service and company for them. They besides take the benefit of the web interior decorator etc.

Private employment bureau:

As the private employment bureaus collect the information about employed and unemployed people accomplishments and knowledge.these bureaus attempts to happen right applier for the proposed occupation. ( www.docstoc.com )

Critical Evaluation:

Due to miss of proper advertizement they are unable to fond suited people for their company.

They are non following the lead the market wage schemes due to which they are enduring from high turnover.


“ Choice is the procedure of determination conditions to engage or non to engage an applier ” .

( Class Lecture ) .

The HR direction decides on the length of short list, which is usually non more than five or six appliers maximal. If they are short of clip they involve the supervisors and directors of the relevant section to cross of clip. Apart from clip

They do this to take there point of position as good. They looked at to the undermentioned things while reading to application.

Is the applicant meets the demands for the occupation?

Is their any unexplained employment spreads?

Is the applier will be future plus of the administration?

The quality of presentation.

Those who meet the demands of occupation specification are called for the on-line rating trial ; those who pass the trial are so called for the interviews. The day of the month and clip are given for the interviews. The interviews are designed in such a manner that personality and ability of the applier can be judged. After the interviews the set of panelist screened the consequences in order to minimise the opportunities of mistake. ( www.docstoc.com )

Critical Evaluation:

They do non hold a specialist people to measure the on-line trial and furthermore choice should be free of biasness due to pervert society.

Development Methods

With the population of 170 million people the Pakistani Mobile market has a great potency, with an one-year addition rate of 140 % in endorsers. It is perfectly raising star in the Asia telecom market.

The development of an administration and human resources accomplishments, abilities and cognition is strictly done on the footing of administration set ends SWOT analysis of an administration and maintaining in position the strengths and failing of your rivals. The top direction of Ufone and do strategic programs including developmental methods. The HR so formulates schemes and policies to accomplish the organizational end ( www.docstoc.com ) .

Developmental methods used in Ufone

Ufone is presently following “ Internal growing policy ” . As it is the 2nd largest telecom company runing in Pakistan. The Company is chiefly concentrating on market development that is they are spread outing their web to capture big market portion. For that in September 2006, Huawei was awarded by Ufone a $ 550 million contract.Huawei would supply hereafter oriented Gnerg GSM solution, including new coevals GSM BTSs, intelligent web system, to finish a web enlargement undertaking covering over 1,500 metropoliss, towns, small towns, and all major main roads over the country.furthmore, the new border based web would enable endorsers to bask high velocity radio informations services, along with that they are besides making human resource development such as preparation and development, organizational developmental, human resource planning and human resource information system in alliance of strategic ends of administration. ( www.docstoc.com ) .

The HR section ever lament to develop the accomplishments, abilities and cognition of the employees to be able to make their assigned work easy. To accomplish these aims they give “ on occupation ” and “ off occupation ” developing to their employees and senior direction.

On occupation preparation:

Basically there are two types of on occupation preparation has done in Ufone. One is when they hire new employee with the status that they will non go forth the administration for a specific period of clip, which is harmonizing to them hold positive consequences. The 2nd is done after the development of the employees. They assess and gave the preparation harmonizing to the demands of each employee.

Off occupation preparation:

Basically off occupation preparation has done for the senior direction of administration. It may be in the signifier of workshop, seminar and etc.Recently a workshop was held in Islamabad, the focal point was to fit them with the latest cognition in “ MS OFFICE ” .

( www.docstoc.com ) .

Critical rating.

They outsourced technological development for which they are paying immense money instead than traveling for future merchandise development.

There should be no preparation status while engaging the new employees.

Suggestions of working HR.

The HR should accommodate new “ ERP “ package to be able to advance the right employee within the administration at disputing function.

They should present the overtime system to diminish the turnover in the administration.

They should hold a formal sequence policy in the administration.

The HR section should better in the prognosis of assorted human resources demand and should be able to foretell the countries within the administration where there will be future labour deficit or excess particularly in client service.

The HR section attempt to enroll people externally instead than outsourcing.

They need to concentrate on “ on occupation preparation ” every bit good without any status.

The HR section attempt to increase the installations and inducements to maintain the employees motivated.

The section needs to cognize the restrictions of the labour market every bit good.

The interviewing panel should be dwelling of experience and independent people in order to engage right employee without any biasness.

They should better the advertizement method as it will assist them to pull the possible appliers.

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