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Parody of the Raven

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One midnight in December, I was bored and restless. As I tried nodding off to sleep there came a noise from under the sheet. I leapt out of bed with such a fright. I ran down the hall to get a better sight. As I looked upon the mantle I noticed something was askew. As I tried correcting these visions that I see, I heard another noise from behind me. As I turned around swiftly, I hit my knee on something that seemed obscure to me.

As I yelled out in pure agony, there came an echo of the word “Rupert. Now that I’m done rambling on. Lets ramble on some more. Now where was I? Oh yea, something about, wait has anyone heard of a filibuster? It’s a noun, an exceptionally long speech, as one lasting for a day or days, or a series of such speeches to accomplish this purpose.

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Parody of the Raven
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Now back to the story at hand.

As I followed the shadows on the wall, they too whispered, “Rupert. ” As I walked in to my room, there was a short, baby-like, shadow standing in front of me peering through the darkness with devious eyes. I flicked on the light and the shadow was gone. Looking over to my purple curtains, I see little shoes peeking from underneath them. I walked over and snatched back the curtains and saw a little boy with a football-shaped head standing there. Just looking at me.

As we made eye contact, I was wondering what he was doing there, saying under my breath, “Don’t look at me like yo momma don’t feed you! ” “Why are you standing there young man? ” I asked. “What the deuce! ” said the boy. Just staring at him, I saw a brown stuffed arm peeking from behind him. “Rupert! Why are you taking my poor little Rupert? ” Quote the boy, “What the deuce! ” As my anger got higher and higher, hearing the same phrase repeatedly, I grabbed the boy by the shoulders and gave him a good look; I now see that he is Stewie Griffin.

I now know what he wants, what he means he wants Rupert, my dear friend, the person I confide all my secrets to. Knowing that if Stewie takes Rupert, I will be lonely and depressed. I beg and beg Stewie not to leave with Rupert, but all I get out of him is “What the deuce! ” Not thinking, I clench my fist and punch Stewie right in the noggin. As he lays on the floor unconscious, I kneel beside him and say, “No one takes my Rupert! ”

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