My Personal Identity

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Several elements influence the formation of one’s identity, such as their family, culture, friends, personal interests, and the environments they encounter.

Different factors can have different levels of influence on individuals, with some being more important than others or having no effect at all. The upbringing in a family environment exposes an individual to various influences, including those from their family and culture, which shape their perception of responsibilities, ethics, morals, as well as their preferences for music, humor, sports, and other aspects of life. Additionally, friends and the surrounding environment also contribute to shaping a person’s choices in clothing, music, speech, and social activities.

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Individuals are defined and made unique by their personal interests, which cannot be controlled or manipulated by others. They have the freedom to choose their own paths and strive towards fulfilling their individual goals. This ability to make independent decisions sets individuals apart from those who mindlessly copy others.

A person’s identity is formed by a combination of external factors, personal choices, and distinct characteristics. In my own experience, my identity has been significantly influenced by my dreams, fantasies, friends, and idols. Although my family has also played a part in shaping who I am, the majority of my identity stems from my own ambitions. While they may impact the desired version of myself, I still have the ability to create opportunities that align with a somewhat comparable life.

Although I did not grow up in a family that was into off-road racing, which includes trucks, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes, I still aspire to incorporate these activities into my own life. Maybe someday, I can share them with my future family too. Society has not had a significant impact on my lifestyle because I dislike following trends. In particular, rap and hip-hop trends, along with their fashion styles, attitudes, and way of speaking are strongly disliked by me. Consequently, I have intentionally distanced myself from this specific group since I prefer to live an adrenaline-fueled existence.

What exhilarates me in life is participating in activities that get my blood flowing, heart racing, and adrenaline rushing. My love for excitement perfectly matches my distinct personality which includes a profound appreciation for intense, aggressive music as well as firearms. Nevertheless, my ultimate passion resides in extreme sports including dirt biking, BMX biking, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. Both the teachings of my parents and my personal convictions have shaped the formation of steadfast values and principles within me.

My personal beliefs mainly revolve around karma, encompassing qualities such as kindness, empathy, assisting others, honesty, and consideration. Additionally, I prioritize environmental preservation in natural settings and hold deep respect for nature. Furthermore, I value maintaining a clean and inviting home environment and believe that true success should be measured by happiness rather than material possessions. Lastly, close-knit family relationships are of great importance to me.

Overall, I perceive myself as a well-rounded individual with a promising future. While many individuals share this viewpoint, there are some who see me as an eccentric person with self-destructive tendencies and predict my fate to be limited to a hospital or mortuary. Moreover, one’s educational experiences often shape their sense of identity.

I have had limited educational experiences that have influenced my identity. Elementary and high schools aim to mold individuals into conformity. Their objective is to streamline the teaching process for the faculty. Nonetheless, I have resisted conforming throughout my academic journey. I have remained true to myself and pursued my own desires and ambitions.

Despite causing trouble in grade school, my goal in college is to determine my future career. I need to find a fulfilling profession that pays well enough to support my expensive hobbies. Currently, I am studying construction management with the hope of realizing it is the ideal path for me.

Although I have a positive view of construction, my main concern is the building of new developments. This is because these projects often involve destroying untouched land, which is already scarce worldwide. This specific worry has made me interested in commercial construction, as it typically relies less on undeveloped land compared to residential construction. In terms of education, it hasn’t had a significant influence on shaping who I am so far. However, I anticipate that by the time I finish college, it will greatly impact and transform me.

I take pride in who I have become because I have pursued my dreams and admired both friends and idols. My family has had a significant impact on shaping my morals and values, while my friends have influenced various aspects of my life like social activities, speech patterns, and clothing choices. Additionally, I am constantly motivated by my aspirations and admiration for idols to work towards achieving greatness. Those who truly understand me often view me as one of the most extraordinary individuals they have ever encountered.

I will stay true to my individual qualities, while also taking into account the well-being of others and refraining from any harmful actions. Currently, I am fully satisfied with my identity and committed to sustaining my happiness throughout my life.

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