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Personal Marketing Plan

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Personal Marketing Plan ???? Vision Work plan Contingency plan Mission Strategic Alternatives SWOT Frame work of the marketing plan ? Figure summarizes the main components of marketing plan. ? Table of Content 1. Executive Summary 2. Vision 3. Mission 4. SWOT- analysis a. Strength b. Weakness c. Opportunity d. Threat Page 5 5 5 7 5. Market Strategy a. 9 Mission b. Marketing objectives c. Target Marketing d. Positioning ? e. Strategy F. Marketing Mix i. Product II. Price III. place IV. Promotion 6. Market Research 7. Financial 8. Control 9. Action Plan 10.

Contingency Plan 12 13 13 14 16 ? 1. Executive Summary: Dina is a pharmacist, with experience of 14 years in pharmaceutical field, last four years in training department.

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Personal Marketing Plan
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now she wants to be a free lancer trainer provide her services in conducting core skills ( personal selling ,communication ,presentation ,time management ) and design training courses if needed . her job research will be concerned with training centers as they have the largest contribution as soft skills providers then to corporate organizations with time line training programs. . Vision: Career shift to free lancer trainer, participate in the urgency of learning and development.

Adding value to individuals who are seeking for better ways of doing their jobs and improve their career path. 3. Mission: Dina is an independent person who seeks for sense of accomplishment, and to be an adding value to others by being a free lancer trainer. She is planning to widen her market research includes training centers, time limited training programs, corporate organizations, and finally pharmaceutical companies.

She offers a service of conducting training material in case of on-shelf programs and design & conduct training materials in case of newly program. Based on her experience within the pharmaceutical field and 8 years experience in corporate culture she has a sense of quality, customer focus and result oriented person. ? That is quiet match with her personality as independent, analytical, practical person Guarantee a quality package of valuable material. Practical practice wrapped with sincere, objective presenter. This is not a month or a year mission; it is an on going plan.

But full dedication of job search for six months. In one short way Find a job as a free lancer trainer for core skills, in training center based on my experience as field trainer in corporate pharmaceutical company within 6 month Dina’s package is a mix of quality and customer focus ? 4. SWOT Analysis: a. Strength: • Has a success record over 14 years of work experience in pharmaceutical field ended with being a senior field trainer in Sandoz- Novartis ( pharmaceutical company ) for 2 years . full of sales experience ,launching pharmaceutical products ,training new medical representatives ,handling customer objections.

And end in September 2010 due to company downsizing • Result oriented person showed in her sales achievement record during her work in sales department and continue with her fully met performance in training department as recorded in three successive performance appraisal. • Customer focus Dina designed a coaching report for medical representatives, evaluation sheet for audiovisual activities and survey for new candid. Adding new topics to training curriculum involves day to day business as Feedback, tips on time management, shine on stage, active listening. Her experience is backed with training courses and certificates Train the trainer diploma ( Regional institution for IT- RITI) Certificate of sales ( American University in Cairo) Workshops ( presentation , communication ,managing training functionTrain the trainer ) Finish the whole training program of Novartis Training Center Now she is half way in MBA- at Arab Academy b. Weakness ? • She is out of job now gives a negative impact in interviews and job application regardless of the reason, give unbalance position in case of offer discussion. Career shift is consider as a risk for the employer as her past experience is in corporate culture with well organized system of responsibility and appraisal not in public society with different experience ,culture ,hierarchy. • Dina was specialized in one to one coaching and conducting Novartis training curriculum with no experience of supportive functions which of high importance in case of free lancer trainer E. g. : logistics, audiovisual skills, assessment, sometimes budget forecast • Dina needs to work on her flexibility as she knows quiet well it is a drawback in her personality.

Flexibility is needed in open market with clients of different culture, needs, and expectations. • Bench mark of the market requirement is getting higher every now and then. First, the basic requirement was a university degree, then it turns to be fluent in English and computer skills . now it is a well trained person with an experience in the required job. • Number of training centers is getting higher and higher with time. • Awareness of people especially fresh graduate students and ambitious employees of the importance of training is high. c. Opportunity: d. Threat Recession was the signal of market from September 2010 until January 2011. as usual trend of market is restructure and annual performance review ,planning for the coming year then get into hiring in the beginning of the year . • 25 January revolution adds more recession to the economic aspect ? • Training centers in most cases rely on well known trainers or shareholders of their center rather than hiring new one. For the sake of getting the high share of the profit and maintain partnership. • Competition: Transfer of culture of the job from a closed pharmaceutical company with a hierarchy to public job with no rules.

A lot of free lancer trainers from different aspects, with years of experience and circle of communication and influence. So the competition is high and aggressive as a beginner in the job. Limited number of pharmaceutical companies which has training department . make this option is last resort for Dina to knock at, although her whole experience in that field. Evaluation of Dina’s performance if she succeeds in having a job will be based most probably on general acceptance, good presence, fit with the culture . ather than measurable parameters to improve or discuss. 5. Market Strategy a) Mission: Provide the market with a qualified training and development program “practical and effective “through which trainees have a better access in doing their current job and being candid for promotion. b. Marketing objectives: Find a job as free lancer trainer most probably part timer as no full time trainer except in corporate organizations. Achieve a relative stable income as part timer trainer (financial objective) ??

Attain customer satisfaction when she get hired, will be shown in training feedback, incremental increase in number of courses she gives Increase diversification in training courses Dina can conduct ,thus increase her opportunity of hiring . this could be achieved by getting trust first in courses she can conduct and analyze on shelf courses c. Target Market First priority training and development centers in Cairo as they have the highest share in providing core (soft) skills programs. eg: Quest, IMI, Logic Private companies and schools which have the authority of hiring free lancer trainers.

Cement Companies, International Schools. Corporate organizations with time limited training programs as banks. Last resort will be pharmaceutical companies although Dina’s whole experience in that field. Number of pharmaceutical companies with training centers department is almost seven companies . Strategy of pharmaceutical companies is to get indoor trainer as a result of promotion of her sales staff ( as the case with Dina itself ) d. Positioning: Dina’s position as a free lancer trainer able to use her past experience in pharmaceutical field and delivering core ( soft ) skills courses , to provide qualified training program.

Her key to success will be: A program contains practical models based on scientific bases, workshops. The unique service she produces is follow up and experience exchange blogs after the training course. e. Strategy: Dina promotes her service as free lancer trainer. First through awareness to the target customer of her capability in providing training courses, second by providing a demo for her work This could be achieved through: Web-site contacts: get the employer who needs trainers ?? Personal selling: for customers in personal contact with Dina. f. Market – Mix: I. Product:

Three product categories 1- Conduct on shelf training programs whether it is on core skills or specialized one ( leadership – problem solving – decision making ) 2- Design and conduct training programs ( core skills ) Communication – presentation – time management 3- Design and conduct professional programs Personal selling, train the trainer These products fulfill our mission of training and development participation Using our skills of communication and practical experience On short term: Provide customer base to work on On long term: Provide full time job with diversity of experience, based on customer satisfaction.

II. Price: As a rule price will be in a form of paid service And market shapes it in a form of money /hired days So we can not make something out of this rule Price: money given /hired days- with average 8 hours per day. In case of design material, the price of course will be different As a beginner of independent work I can not ?? III. Place: Cairo, preferred to be in Miser Elgedida and Nasr city Other places we should take in consideration the cost of time, effort. IV. Promotion:

Customer awareness and informing about Dina’s service through: Resume publish on Linked In Resume Publish on Byte, Premiere (recruiting sites) Direct-emailing of well known training centers Networking with friends and colleagues related to the job 6. Market Research: It includes all the previous mentioned in (target market) It is a privilege that Dina lives in Cairo where the market of training is large not as small as in cities. First priority will be in Misr Elgedida and Nasr city . ime and effort which are cost of money in other terms will be affected by long distant areas. Training projects around whole Egypt whether in Delta, Canal are excluded as Dina Worked as field trainer for 2 years and Senior Field Trainers for another 2 years. She travelled along Great Cairo, Delta, and Canal And believes that now is the time to work on mind rather than exerts effort on foot ?? 7. Financial Sales Forecast: We are talking about a service here, scratch from zero, So Dina’s main target is Attracting a customer interested in the service she provides.

Cover her monthly expenses within the market range of package. Expense Forecast: Main items are includes here and the value will be varied according to location of the training and the customized materials Time ( 8 hours per training day ) Transportation cost Materials per trainee in case of corporate training which includes: Trainee manual, gimmicks, workshops tools 8. Control: Received numbers of reply monthly. Offers in term of: matching with Dina’s service, involved days, revenue.

Growth of the customer base through market research or customer satisfaction. New training program development as a result of work with on shelf training centers ?? 9. Action Plan: Date: March 2011-03-04 SMART Goal: find a job as a free lancer trainer for core (soft skills) in training centers of development within 6 month. Probability: 70% within current resources Payoffs: Work pays the rent. Build on her experience rather than start a new job Adding value by participation in people training and development.

Action steps are presented in form of priority of alternatives according to CORP evaluation: 1- Write Dina’s Resume Contains why it is good to higher her, qualifications, experience, skills. It is a self control step; fill all kind of promotion after this. No cost, no obstacles, “if you do not work for yourself, who will “ Time: week to cover all needed information; look for other experience and feedback. 2- Establish an account on Linked –In (business website) and add Dina’s resume. Also a self control step, with no risk or obstacles but only gaining of on usiness customers Time: 2 days 3- List direct contact of friends , loyal customers ,peers , colleagues and ask for widen your customer base , their recommendations Time consuming as it needs face to face contact rather than verbal or written communication, it needs follow-up Obstacles: time availability for the other partner, need serious actions rather words of encouragement Time: Two weeks to be covered 4- Send resume with this priority : Training centers for development ?? Obstacles: personal contact is preferred than e-mail, moderately close on their current trainers and shareholders.

Payoff potential: specialized, has continuous flow of customers as they have sales and marketing department, get experience with peers of different fields Time: I find it high number enough to be in two weeks. Corporate and private sectors Obstacles: Dina can provide training but not a certificate of course accomplish, take the hectic of logistic, design the material with customized model. (Cost is high) Time: Month Pharmaceutical companies: Very low opportunity as they usually use trainers from the same company.

Time: when I fall in all previous categories Send resume to recruiting centers and web-site Obstacles: time consuming to fill their application on web site Low opportunity as they match the employer and job seeker applications which is a process depends on demand and supply. Time: 2 weeks P. s: total time of the action plan is almost 2 months and half, (maximum limitation 3 month) and as you know Dina can begin side by side with one or two alternatives with whole awareness of the priority figure.

The real problem is not on the implementation but on the follow up of whole these sequences over and over at least three times along the whole mission which is six months Key performance measurement: Previously mentioned in Control Section ?? 10. Contingency Planning: What if, Dina fails to get a job as a free lancer trainer in six months, which is possible especially with the economy crisis we face nowadays . no one can predict if it will last or get improved. . Invest in time rather than in money ( within six month ) Cut personal expenses, so expand time of saving income usage. Personal development through finish her MBA, design training programs on core skills. Reformulate the myth equation of balance life (Spiritual, social, mental, health) 2. After six months opportunity for searching of a job Look for a job regarding Human Resource Function to support her MBA- study within that field. 3.

After finishing MBA If she fails to get a job in training , related human resource functions as recruitment , talent management ,assessment . she will drive to her home city ( Port – Said ) where she belongs ,convinced that she did her best and convinced for the first time ( honor of try is sufficient ). She can work in any human resource department of trade companies and newly industrial projects . she may give free training courses for youth. ?? ??

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