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Personal SWOT Analysis

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    Myer’s-Briggs Type Indicator is a personal character self assessment model. It helps people to better understand themselves and others from four different angles. Either self awareness, career planning, or even team management, it all can be a great reference point. There is no good or bad about the test results, it is just different. From the results, it showed I’m an ENTJ. They include 1% of extravert, 38% of intuitive, 19% thinking and 53% of Judging. Based on testing results I conducted my own SOWT analysis, and I believe this analysis will be helpful in my career.

    In general, the type of ENTJs are leaders and decision-makers. It seems to be an instinct for them to figure out the potential of things. Their brain with logical thinking makes them good at using structured analysis methods to restore the truth of things. Also, they are long-term goal planners and planning executors. This is just a basic conclusion. Because the details of the four dimensions are different, there are also great differences between the ENTJs. I appear to have marginal or no (1%) preference of extraversion over introversion. I feel I am slightly extraversion. Because I trend work with people. I have an intuitive preference, I think it might be gender related, which is probably the common phenomenon of most women in my understanding. At the same time, I have feeling preference over thinking, and a strong moderate preference of judging over perceiving. This can be both a strength and a weakness.

    First of all, rational, confident, and effective problem-solving are my strengths. I’m sensitive to in the external environment changes and can make rational analysis under emergency situations. I seem to have a naturally sunny side, and outgoing personality, which is not fully reflected in the test results. I tend to work in a team, like to communicate with people. Also, I’m generous, can maintain a good relationship with the clients most time. I think this is my greatest strength. I used to work at a pension industry company as the marketing director. I deal with customers often during the work period, and I had a good and stable relationship with them. At the same time, I experience the world through logic, instant of emotions. When something happens, I usually don’t judge the truth of things by feeling, nor believe others’ opinions, but prove the truth of things by evidence and logical analysis, which is a more reliable way than sensory judgment. I consider myself a disciplined person, even without rules. Also, I’m good at set long term planning and execute until results are achieved. As a female ENTJ, I ‘m able to monitor development and find potential problems, have the ability come up with resolution until the plan is completed. In the project I managed, I accomplished the tasks on time and with quality all the times.

    Secondly, stubborn, high expectations, inconsistent behavior are my shortcoming. Since I’m used to sticking to my own viewpoint, when I misinterpret the development direction of things, I may still not make changes, even if others give the suggestions,which will lead to the consequences of excessive risk-taking. Although I haven’t had this situation in my work, the main reason was I do not had power as the top decision maker. I have high expectations for things and people, but not all under controlled. If they don’t follow my own expectations, I may feel lost and depressed. At the same time, I am very patient with my goals but less patient to some people and specific things, such as anyone who doesn’t pull their own weight or is lazy. At this point, I am contradictory. This may lead people to consider that I am not friendly. And it’s not conducive to the development of team force. Although I try to hide my impatience in my work and hope to be a listener, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It seems that meditation training to improve my patience is a good solution. ENTJs appreciate people with ability and praises them sincerely, but not willing to admire or say good things about people who are not outstanding. I’m a typical one at this point, this can affect the cooperation of teamwork, and to the disadvantage of team development. Encouraging and supporting others can help me go further and work better with the teams.

    Thirdly, I have more opportunities of success in the field of team management and planning analysis. In terms of results, the core competitiveness is leadership and ability to lead a high performing team. For example, good to be a project leader, due to ENTJs know the end goal and how to get there. The results of the test are consistent with my career plan at this point. My ideal career is self-employment and eager to contribute myself in the field of health management and anti-aging industries. I have great passion of this filed. Therefore, the management team and the analysis of the industry situation will the challenge in the future. But before that, I need to accumulate knowledge and learn enough experience, such as using the MBA knowledge system I have learned to go to an international medical company to elaborate what I have learned and my potential, and it is best to work for a medical company in the field of anti-aging that can be my short-term career goal.

    In the end, learning to be tolerant is one of the effective ways to reduce potential threats and promote team development. I’m kind of a fair person, whether it’s the result of the test or my evaluation of my personality. The rule is that I measure things most of the time. When others fall short of expectations, then they are not outstanding in my eyes,Sometimes this way cannot be recognized by others, and may get backfire. Expressing own opinions directly will frustrate the self-esteem and confidence of the team and subordinates. If I change the way of motivation and encouragement, it may get unexpected results.

    In conclusion, through MBTI test, I have some understanding of my personality tendency. Although I can’t rely on it totally, but it will help me to see what kind of roles and work environment are more suitable for my personality clearly, especially at the crossroads of career choice. whether it’s self-employed or being an employee. Both advantages and disadvantages are good and bad. Reasonable to use of them can help myself to develop my strengths and avoid the weaknesses, and bring out the best capacity, and get me ready for the future daily business challenge.

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