Factors Affecting Academic Performance of a Working Students Sample

Student occupations have become a kind of tendency among pupils around the universe. who want to work while they are analyzing. In short. the term that suits this tendency is ‘Earn and Learn’ policy. Other ground why pupil occupations are popular among pupils is they help to get by up with the changeless addition in tuition fees. and a manner to afford farther instructions. The job has been developed with the inquiry as to how the corresponding work loads and required on the job hours of working pupils affect their academic public presentation at University of Caloocan- Camarin Campus. As a research worker. the chief intent of the survey is to cognize the factors that affect the academic public presentation of working pupils.

In add-on. this paper aims to supply encouragement and motive to all pupils particularly those who are financially distressed to prosecute and complete a college grade in order to be competitory in the hereafter and be able to recognize their ends and aspirations. It may besides supply larning experiences and information to other pupils who are non working. In order to carry through our aims. we adopted several methodological analysiss in obtaining informations and information such as carry oning studies by supplying questionnaires to our topics. acquiring information in the cyberspace and carry oning interviews personally and candidly with our mark topics to acquire confidence that our informations. information and values gathered were right and accurate.

Statement of the Problem1. What are grounds why pupils at University of Caloocan City are oblige to work while analyzing? 2. Are at that place any advantages or disadvantages prosecuting in work while in school? 3. What are the issues impacting the academic public presentation of college working pupils? and 4. How does it impact the working student’s academic public presentation? Hypothesis of the Study

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