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Thousands of shelter animals are tormented and euthanized in U - Persuasive Essay introduction. S laboratories ever year. In these labs they are burning, shocking, and starving animals for weeks until they die. These unfortunate animals are also getting chemicals forcefully sprayed in their eyes, and moisturizer fried on their bodies. The animals are not provided pain relief either. Most people aren’t aware that their everyday products they use on them self was once tested on an innocent animal, and most probably died or severely suffered.

Cosmetic companies should not be allowed to use living animals to test their products. Pets like the little puppies with the huge floppy ears and belly’s you just want rub are being blinded everyday. The worst part about all of this is that the companies aren’t doing this because it’s their only option but because it is cheaper. Not only does the law not require animal testing, people are now just doing this because they are lazy and cheap.

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A close family friend, Anna, adopted her dog seconds before his eyes were going to burn to the point he couldn’t see anymore, and shock his body so hard he would have a seizure. Anna’s poor little puppy, so cute and innocent with big bulging brown pebble eyes was just saved from pure horror and terror. Millions of other dogs like Anna’s are dying everyday and people are able to change that. As you are applying your makeup tomorrow, or drinking your fruit juice think about what that little animal did to deserve the severe pain they went through.

Animal testing is wrong and should be forbidden. People in the world have voices, and when people don’t want to do something or don’t like something people say no. Unfortunately, animals do not have that power to say no to something, they just have to sit there and endure whatever is coming for them. It’s not fair for animals to have to sit there and endure this pain that could easily be avoided just because animals can’t fight back like people can. All the animals can do is shake with fear while crying hoping it will end soon.

Any benefits to human beings that animal testing does provide could for sure be produced in many other ways. Torturing these animals that have no say what the labs do to them is pure evil. Just because some cancer testing worked on a mouse does not mean it will work on a human because clearly there still is no cure. It is not fair what is happening to these animals and its inhumane. Every year in the United States alone, there are more than 100,000 human deaths all cause by drugs that were successfully passed by animal testing.

During this time 1,177,566 animals died from this animal testing. The percentage went up seven percent from last year and it’s just pure evil. If we could avoid animal testing there would be 1,177,566 sweet animals still living on this earth. Most products that are being tested on animals get thrown away, or even just tested for the use of it. Animal testing needs to come to an end some way or another. Overall there is no need for an innocent cat people saw in a cage have to be up for forty-eight hours delirious and petrified for what’s coming next.

There are three main companies that do test on animals, so if people were to avoid Band-Aid by Johnson Johnson, Clinique by Estee Lauder, and Febreze by Protector and Gamble then more businesses like these would be going out of business or have to find another way to test products. People can help by not purchasing these products from these companies and a change will be made. Animals are not toys, and should not be tested and played with for the heck of it.

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