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Persuasive Speech : College Textbooks Too Expensive

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College Textbooks Too Expensive By: Max Swienton Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience to take a stand and change how expensive purchasing textbooks are at Colorado State University. Thesis: Students should be knowledgeable about the problem of textbooks being too expensive to purchase, therefore they should take a stand and enforce a new plan to reduce the cost of textbooks for college courses. Pattern of Organization: Problem/Cause/Solution Introduction I. Body I. [Problem] Students are dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on college textbooks.

A. According to an article titled (“College textbook costs more outrageous than ever” from today.com by Herb Weisbaum), the College Board “estimates that …show more content…

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Persuasive Speech : College Textbooks Too Expensive
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[Problem] In an article titled (“Students break the bank to buy their books” from USA today.com, by Oona Goodin-Smith), “for Megan Kavanaugh, a junior studying mechanical engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., her standard 16-credit semester’s required supplies list from the university bookstore this winter totaled just under 0.

And that’s without the additional $200-worth of recommended materials”. B. Students are not only required to buy the textbooks for the course, but now that universities are catching on to the growing popularity of textbook buyback websites, they are beginning to make textbooks that are required to be specific to that university C. Though this increases university revenue, it causes a great deal of problems due to the fact that the university core textbooks are so much more expensive than ordering the same book off of another website D. In addition, new editions of textbooks are coming out each year that are unnecessary and causing extra frustration to the student body who needs to buy that specific new edition for class, though there is only a small difference from the older edition a. For example, in an article titled, “The Scam of Buying College Textbooks” written by Liz Jewett from Richmond.com, she states, “I can put up with a Biology textbook coming out with a new edition every year, because Biology tends to change fairy rapidly. But a History of Western Civilization book? Do these people not realize what an .

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Persuasive Speech : College Textbooks Too Expensive. (2018, Feb 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/persuasive-speech-college-textbooks-too-expensive/

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