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Philippine Legends

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  • Pages 5
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    Sampolac Lake is the biggest lake in San Pablo, and it is named after a giant tamarind (sampolac) tree. Though there are many different versions of this legend, the basic premise remains the same.

    Sampolac Tree. There was an orchard owned by a rich couple, filled with the most delicious tamarind trees. One day, a fairy decided to test their hospitality, and came to the orchard, dressed as a poor, old woman. She begged the couple to give her a few fruits as she was very hungry.

    The selfish couple, instead of helping the woman, let their dogs loose on her.The old woman was bitten by the dogs and badly hurt. She touched a giant tamarind tree and cursed “Your greed shall be punished” As the woman was walking away, the sky darkened and a ferocious storm broke out. The downpour continued late in the night, the next morning though, the sky was clear and blue.

    The couple came to tend their orchard and was bewildered to find their entire orchard gone. Instead, there was water everywhere. When they looked down into the water, they could still see their precious trees at the bottom of the lake. The Origin of Rainbow A star fairy once strayed onto the Earth.

    Mesmerized by the beautiful sights, she dashed into a tree and fell down unconscious, her wings torn. A farmer found the divine creature. He took great care of her and inevitably they fell in love. The fairy and the farmer married and had a child.

    But every night, the fairy would look at the stars and think about her family and friends there. So, one day she decided to pay them a visit, and took off with her son. When she reached the star kingdom, the king was furious at her for straying too far, and confiscated her wings. She couldn’t go back to her husband and became morose, looking down, for hours at the river near their house.

    The farmer too, would stand on its bank, waiting for his wife and child. One day, the king chanced upon the lovesick couple, and taking pity on them, made a bridge of seven gleaming colors for the fairy to climb down and spend a few precious moments with the farmer. The Visayan Creation Myth A long time ago, there were two Gods – Maguayan, ruler of water, and Kaptan, ruler of the sky. One day, the two Gods decided to marry their children.

    Three sons were born from this union – Likalibutan was extremely brave and strong, Liadlao was made of gold and was always cheerful, and Libulan, made of copper, was timid and weak.Lisuga was the only daughter, she was made of silver and was very beautiful, gentle and sweet. Sadly, they were orphaned at a young age, but their grandparents took care of them and protected them from evil. Eventually, the siblings grew up to be strong and beautiful.

    One day, Likalibutan, proud of his strength and power, decided to attack Kaptan’s sky kingdom. Scared of their brother, Liadlao and Libulan were coerced into joining him and they left for the sky kingdom. An enormous steel gate was blocking their way, but Likalibutan summoned the wind and knocked it down.When Kaptan came to know of this, he got furious and fired them with lightning bolts.

    A lightning bolt landed on each of the three brothers. Likalibutan’s rock-like body fragmented into a thousand pieces and fell down in the sea, Liadlao and Libulan melted into balls of gold and copper, respectively. Worried for her brothers, Lisuga came searching for them, but Kaptan, still fuming, attacked her as well. Her silver body too, was scattered into a million pieces.

    Kaptan then called Maguayan, accusing him of planning the whole thing. But Maguayan had been sleeping through the entire ordeal and didn’t have the slightest clue.Kaptan eventually calmed down, and both the gods deeply mourned the loss of their grandchildren. Sadly, even with all their powers, they couldn’t bring the siblings to life.

    So, they gave each of them light, except for Likalibutan. Luminous with this light, Liadlao became the Sun, Libulan, the Moon and Lisuga’s fragmented body can be seen today as the stars. Kaptan planted a seed on a fragment of Likalibutan’s body. A bamboo tree sprouted out of this seed and from this tree, Sikalak, a man and Sikabay, a woman, emerged.

    This man and woman are the ancestors of all the people in the world.Introduction: “Maybe.. I think that.

    . the globalization might help me on this” That is the line I keep telling to myself. My grandparents on my father’s side were already with the Lord. While my only grandparent on my mother’s side, which is my Grandmother, was too far from us.

    So think of an alternative way of getting this project done. In this project, it was hard for me to conduct stories coming from the old ones. Since that I don’t have my grandmother with us. It was also hard in our community to find someone that is willing to share their knowledge about old myths.

    So I decided to conduct my research using the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But getting information using those social networking sites is hard if you don’t have enough resources or people that will give you the exact information you needed. So I asked the help of my friend and he helps me posting something that will informed people or the netizens about the necessary information I needed for this project. Many netizens help us.

    They shared the legends comes from their hometowns. Some are just other versions of those legends we already known and some are never heard stories.Some didn’t help after all. They take the post as a joke which is not really funny.

    Some give a true to life story. Most stories are based on their own personal lives. But it doesn’t really show moral lesson to some of us. And because this is reality, their stories might already happen to us so, it is already a “told” story.

    Anyways, they really help me on this. They also give some links where I can get or read more legends of the early Filipinos. And I am positive, that the globalization helps me a lot in terms of having interacted with other people all over the country to get help.

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    Is Juan tamad a legend?
    Juan Tamad (Filipino for "Lazy John") is a character in Philippine folklore noteworthy for extreme laziness. He is usually portrayed as a child, although in some interpretations, he is said to be a young man.
    Who is the legendary hero of Philippines?
    Aliguyon was groomed by his father to be awesome while he was young. He was educated in the ways of his people, in the art of fighting, and in magic. He was elected leader of his tribe (Hannanga) at a young age and was well-respected by everyone.

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