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Essay about Legends of the Fall

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Legends of the FallThe context of a hero concerns aspects beyond human capability, either close relationships with gods and divine beings or posession of superhuman powers.  There are however heroes interpreted in a different manner like outstanding display of courage and valor.  In any case, heroes are often portrayed to prevail over numerous extraordinary against against him or her.

In motion picture, video games, and literature, heroes always defy all unfortunate circumstances to stand above the rest.  A motion picture with blatant display of heroics is found in Legends of the fall.

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Essay about Legends of the Fall
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Legends of the fall is a 1994 film about a pre-world war I family in the jagged lands of Montana.  The film concerns retired Colonel William Ludlow’s (Anthony Hopkins) condemnation of war and inhumane treatment of Native Americans.

Ludlow single-handedly raises his three sons with the aid of Native American friends (Herskovitz, Wittliff, ; Zwick, 1994).

Samuel (Henry Thomas), the youngest and most idealistic of the Ludlows enlists himself in the military roster after bringing his beautiful fiancee Susannah, home (Herskovitz, Wittliff, ; Zwick, 1994).  Samuel’s two brothers Alfred (Aidan Quinn) and Tristan (Brad Pitt) enlist themselves as well, not as allies but as protectors for their young sibling.  Unfortunately, Samuel falls in the battlefield and upon return, Tristan ventures in an affair with his deceased brother’s wife (Herskovitz, Wittliff, ; Zwick, 1994).

The affair is short-lived  due to Tristan’s tormenting guilt of being unable to save his brother’s life (Herskovitz, Wittliff, ; Zwick, 1994).Tristan consequently leaves Susannah and embarks on a journey to look for his true self.  Alfred then confesses his passion for Susannah on his brother’s absence, but the latter did not respond mutually at first (Herskovitz, Wittliff, & Zwick, 1994).  Susannah eventually gives in to Alfred in her disheartenment of seeing Tristan once more.

Tristan returns home to find a couple in Alfred and Susannah, causing a clash between the surviving Ludlows (Herskovitz, Wittliff, & Zwick, 1994).The motion picture may initially appear as a stereotypical western movie that gets boring as it progresses, but there is something more substantial in the film than meets the eye.  Primarily, I concur that the film showcases remarkable acting performances in a highly-emotional story.  The film also does not totally build up any macho image for the protagonist and the apparent antagonist in Brad Pitt and Aidan Quinn respectively.

Contrary to popular notion, I can feel that the film has underlying motives of love, devotion, compassion, and heroism.  First is on how Colonel William Ludlow manifests his distaste for for war and discrimination of the Amerindians.  Second is on how Susannah is devastated by Tristan’s departure, and third is on how the brothers fight for the love of one woman.  The intense emotions and the conventional ironies serve makes the motion picture a wonderful presentation.

Heroics in the motion picture lie in William’s devotion as he raises his children into fine gentlemen despite his wife’s abandonment.  Tristan’s heroics are also quite notable in several accounts in the film, not that I personally like the actor, but the character that the actor portrayed.  Particularly on Tristan’s contrition on his inability to save his brother Samuel from dying.  Tristan set his feelings aside to go forth in a journey of discovery, most probably to assert if his brother’s life really depended on him.

Moreover, Tristan’s heroism is only paralelled by his true love for Susannah as he fights for his love upon knowledge of the latter’s blossomed affair with Alfred during Tristan’s absence.ReferencesHerkovitz, M., Wittliff, (W. Producers), ; Zwick, E.

(Director). (1994). Legends of the Fall.        [Motion Picture].

Culver City, CA: Columbia Tristar Mpotion Picture Group.

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