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Physical Science Question Paper

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Speed problems: What is the speed of a bicycle whose distance time-time graph indicates that the bicycle traveled 75 m in 25 s? Mm/s 5. What is the rate at which velocity changes? Acceleration 6. What are the 3 parts of the definition for acceleration? Speeding up, slowing down and change in direction 7. What do objects in free fall experience near the surface of Earth? Constant acceleration 8. What are some examples of an object achieving constant acceleration due only to a change in direction? E.

G. Moving in a circle, turning around a corner, running around a circular track 9.

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Physical Science Question Paper
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Practice acceleration calculations: What is the acceleration of a car that increases in speed from km to 60 km in 55? 3 m/ so 10. Practice acceleration calculations: What is the acceleration of an object that goes from 45 m/s to stopping in ass? -Mm/so Chapter 12 Forces and Motion 1 1 . What happens when an unbalanced force acts on an object? It accelerates 12. What is the net force when balanced forces act on an object? Zero 13.

What are the 2 main forces that act on an object when it is falling? Gravity and air resistance 14. What is the property of matter that resists change in action?

Inertia 15. What is the equation for Newton’s 2nd law of motion? Acceleration = net force divided by mass 16. What is Newton’s 3rd Law of motion? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 17. Practice momentum calculations: What is the momentum of a 1000 keg truck that moving at a speed of 25 km/h? 25000kg. M/s 18. What is the name of the force that is responsible for the repulsion between 2 positively charged or 2 negatively charged particles? Electric force 19. What happens when the 2 opposite poles of 2 magnets are brought together? They attract each other 20.

Which universal force acts only on the protons and neutrons in a nucleus? Strong nuclear forces 21 . With what is weak nuclear force associated? Nuclear decay 22. The gravitational force between 2 objects increases as mass or distance Power ? Increases/decreases Chapter 14 Work and 23. The force acting on an object does no work when . The force is not in the direction Of the object’s motion 24. Practice work problems: How much work is done if the force acting on an object is INN causing It to move mm? 80 J 25. Practice work problems: If you perform 25 J fork lifting a 5 N object from he floor, how high was the object lifted? M Chapter 15 Energy 26. What is the energy of motion? Kinetic energy 27. What is the energy stored in gasoline? Chemical energy 28. What does the total potential and kinetic energy of the particles in an object make up? Thermal energy 29. What are the 2 main energy conversions when walking? Chemical energy into mechanical energy 30. What is the nuclear energy from a nuclear power plant converted into? Electric energy 31 . Solar cells convert what kind of energy into electrical energy? Electromagnetic energy 32. What is the law of conservation of energy?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed instead it is converted from one form to another. 33. What is mechanical energy? Potential energy plus kinetic energy 34. Nonrenewable energy resources include Coal, oil, natural gas, uranium, petroleum 35. Why do fossil fuels make up most of the world’s energy use? Because they are relatively inexpensive and readily available. 36. What are the disadvantages of solar energy? Depends on climate, expensive in the beginning Chapter 17 Mechanical Waves 37. Does a mechanical Wave move through a medium or move the medium from place to place?

Move through a medium 38. Through what do transverse and longitudinal transfer thermal energy? A medium 39. Practice wave problems: What is the speed of a wave that has a wavelength of 20 mm and a frequency of 10 hertz? 200 m’s 40. What is the difference between reflection and diffraction/ refraction? Reflection is the only one in which the wave does not continue moving forward. 41 . What happens to wave when it refracts? It travels from one medium to another and changes speed. 42. What is it called when 2 waves interact and the resulting wave is smaller than the original waves?

Destructive interference 43. A sound wave is an example of a ? Longitudinal wave 44. In which medium does sound travel the fastest? Cast iron 45. What does sonar do? Sonar equipment sends sound wave deep into the water and measures the time delay of the returning echoes. 46. What is it called when an ambulance sounds different as it approaches you than when it moves away from you? The Doppler Effect Chapter 18 The Electromagnetic Spectrum 47. How do electromagnetic waves vary? They vary in wavelength and frequency 48. What does light act like? Both a wave and a particle 49.

What is the order of the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum in order of wavelength? Radio waves, Microwaves and radar (which are actually radio waves also), Infrared waves, Visible light, Ultraviolet rays, X-rays, Gamma rays 50. What is the full range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation called? The electromagnetic spectrum 51 . What are the waves with the longest wavelengths in the ME spectrum? The radio waves 52. Visible light is found between which waves Of the ME spectrum? Infrared rays and Ultraviolet rays 53. What kind of waves do cellular telephones use?

Microwaves 54. What does X-ray photographs show? It shows softer tissue as dark, highly exposed areas. 55. What is it called when light wave bends as it passes from one medium to another/ Refraction 56. What is white light made up of? All of the colors of the visible spectrum Chapter 20 Electricity 57. What type of current is produced by a battery? Direct current 58. What type of is found in your homes and in the school building? Alternating current 59. What is an electrical conductor? Materials that allow electrons/charges to flow easily. 60. What is an electrical insulator?

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