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Portia (Merchant of Venice) Feature Article

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Court Room Scandal Belmont Lady gets down and Dirty in Venice Portia, Lady from Belmont, always seemed like a sweet girl, always behaved the way her father wanted her too. Obviously her father’s death has caused some changes as recently Portia has taken some extreme risks to save her love Bassanio. Bassanio is Portia’s most recent suitor who successfully picked the lead casket and now him and Portia have wed. Soon after they had found their love for each other Bassanio soon left for court in Venice where his best friend Antonio was going to court because he failed to pay back his loan to Jew, Shylock.

I offered him 6 thousand ducats and he gave me the permission. ” To help decide the outcome of the court case the doctor Bellario was meant to come to the court but Portia’s maid and best friend, Nerissa, dressed as a lawyer’s clerk entered and presented a letter revealing that Bellario was so sick, so he got his apprentice to come instead.

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Portia (Merchant of Venice) Feature Article
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His apprentice was Portia. We had a chance to talk to Portia after the court case. The Belmont Times: How were you able to get in contact with Bellario and for him to let you go into court instead of him?

Portia: Well, I just told him the situation and offered him 6 thousand ducats and he gave me the permission I needed. In side the court room Portia used her knowledge and wit to out smart Shylock to save Antonio’s life. She found a gap in the bond that was able to save Antonio and there family of friends. All of Shylock’s belongings have been given to the court and his land has been halfed, one half for Antonio and the other half for his daughter and Portia’s friend Jessica, when Shylock dies. Portia our lady has broken the law by, 1. Entering Court (as she is a woman) 2. Dressing up as a respected figure 3.

Changing the outcomes of the law is a dishonourable fashion. From what we know at the moment Portia is being kept on house arrest but if she was a normal citizen she would be being punished much worse but being the rich lady she is she payed the police 12 thousand ducats to keep her from dying or from being put in jail. P:”I am happy that I’ve done what I’ve done, I’m happy to not be in jail or even dead. I am happy with my hubby Bassanio and how my life is going at the moment. ” Portia in the courtroom dressed up as a doctor of laws. “I’m Happy with what I’ve done [gone into court] and how my life is going at the moment”

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