Positive environments for children and young people

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Positive environmentA positive environment is one that supports all facets of the child’s development ; staff members/carers can supply the kids different ways to widen their developments. By making activities and steering the kids through their acquisition, this creates a positive environment for them. Example:

Reading and composing activities will assist the kid or immature person’s cognitive and rational development. Singing and talking to the kids or immature people will assist further their communicating and linguistic communication development. Praising and positive responses will promote good behavior and will assist them understand right from incorrect. This will assist widen the kid or immature person’s physical and rational development.

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In the baby’s room that I am developing in we allow the kids and immature people to hold entree to outside and indoors, we call this ‘free play’ . We have some staff inside and some outside to oversee the kids and immature people. Inside:

We will put out an activity for them on the tabular arraies and in the ‘role-play. These activities could be finger picture, pasting and lodging ; each activity we do with the kids and immature people will cover all facets of their developments. All of these activities are supervised by either a member of staff or a pupil to guarantee they are acting and that they are all safe. ’ We have a babe gate that’s barricading the kids and immature people from the kitchen country, where the grownups ( members of staff will fix their nutrient, this is to guarantee their safety.

OutsideChildren and immature people will hold sand and H2O activities outside. They besides have a assortment of playthings and topographic points to research such as the ‘shed shop’ and the ‘outdoor kitchen’ . The kids and immature people besides play with the motorcycles and scooters, these will merely be taken out by and adult/member of staff. The garden itself is surrounded by a wooden fencing that has a gate ( fire issue ) , this gate has a high bolt that can be moved by a member of staff.

For both inside and outside we guarantee that all the kids and immature people are supervised and that their demands are met ; crisp changing, nap clip and their lunch/snack clip. We besides provide the kids and immature people with a cold compress if they have had a bump or autumn ; we have a first assistance kit for any other hurts the kids may acquire when making an activity.

Regulatory demands that underpin a positive environment for kids and immature people

Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS ) ModelAll early twelvemonth suppliers must guarantee that kids and immature people’s educational and rational demands are met and that the kid or immature people develop good. Ensures kids are kept healthy and safe

Ensures that kids have the cognition and accomplishments they need to get down school EYFS ensures that every kid or immature individual makes good advancement and no kid gets left behind Learning and development chances which are planned around the demands and involvements of each single kid and are assessed and reviewed on a regular basis Partnership working between practicians and with parents and/or carers

Childcare Act 2006Reduce kid poorness: To back up parents and carers to work, and concentrate on the proviso of good quality child care for working parents or grownups. Reduce inequalities between immature kids: Focus on back uping kids most at hazard of hapless results because of want and disadvantage and advance societal mobility. Improve wellbeing for immature people and kids

HSWA ( the wellness & A ; safety at work act 1974 )Procuring the wellness, safety and public assistance of individuals at work ;

Protecting individuals, other than individuals at work, against hazards to wellness or safety originating out of or in connexion with the activities of individuals at work ;

Controling of extremely flammable or otherwise unsafe substances, stored right or locked off to forestall any injury or danger to any individuals

Cleaning and guaranting the work equipment is in working order and that instructions, preparation or supervising is given if needed

Supplying protective vesture or equipment if hazards can non be removed but can be prevented

Report certain accidents, hurts, diseases and unsafe happenings Care Standards Act 2006Peoples running day-care services for kids up to eight old ages old must register with Ofsted Early Years ( Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills )

Regular reviews must be carried out to guarantee that the child care scene is both safe and suited for all immature people and or those that are vulnerable

In a child care puting there must be an activity program for all kids and immature people to guarantee their educational demands and to assist widen all their developments

Safeguarding and public assistance demandsProtection to all kid and immature individualsData protectionQualified staff, Training, Support and SkillsSafety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment ConfidentialityStaff Record SheetAilments ProcedureRegistration FormSafeguarding Children PolicySafeguarding Children ProcedureSocial Networking PolicyPartnership with Parents PolicySettling In/Child Initiation PolicyAccident Record FormRecruitment Policy & A ; ProcedureStaff Employment ContractFirst Aid Box Guidance


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