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Prefabricated Construction

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Prefabricated Construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Part A Prefabricated construction is quite common all around the world and is a cheaper and faster way of construction. Especially in the UK industry this is a quite common way of construction. All the prefabrications takes place off-site and is made to measure once prefabricated then it is transported on-site and assembled mainly by cranes as this is the most beneficial and fastest way but other resources are available but are not used.

What are Modern Methods of Construction? Prefabrication is used within a wide range of construction i. e. chools, hotels, offices, houses, warehouses etc. The only way that prefabrication is effective is that all the design work is done in the early stages of construction and is measured out several times before ordering. With the traditional way of building mistakes happen which can be amended quite easily and cost effectively, but by using prefabrication you have only once if you get it wrong then you will have to re-order which results in time being wasted and more money being spent.

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Prefabricated Construction
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Other MMC could be volumetric, non-volumetric. Volumetric prefabricated are mainly used for a high usage area such as toilet pods, plant rooms.

Volumetric systems are not load-bearing working stations and come direct from factories to be installed and ready for use without any major work needed. Non-volumetric systems are for non useable space such as pipe work, structural frame, piping, cladding etc. Modular systems are used on the external part of the building and are highly suited for cellular building such as accommodation apartments or flats. To make this a success designer will make this a priority during the early stages of the project and professional personnel will need to be appointed for installation. Prefabrication offers many benefits to the investor and contractors.

Time and money can be saved, wastage of time is kept to a bear minimum as all the prefabrication takes place in a factory where the investor or the contractor is not responsible, but just want there goods. Time is not being wasted on transportation of several materials just one trip will be needed for the prefabricated goods. Workers could be kept on a bear minimum this will also save the investor and contractor money. Scaffolding would not be needed as once the prefabricated good arrive they will be assembled using cranes. Hazardous materials are not left around the site which may cause injury to a worker who might take legal action.

Discount is available if ordering over a certain amount of materials. Stress is less to the workers, investor, contractor and work will be on schedule or sooner. All prefabricated goods are made in a factory where the items are tested to so if they pass the requirement of the load. Any items which do not pass this will be replaced or amended so that they are capable of being safe as they can be. Any goods which have arrived on site that are damaged or have deformed will be replaced. All production takes place in a factory so there is less chance of error to occur.

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