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Pride and Prejudice Love Theme Analysis

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Love theme never gets old. So does every problem that comes with It. The “pride” and prejudice” that once hindered the love of Elizabeth and Dared have not ceased to cause troubles to lovers until nowadays. It Is the love theme that makes Pride and Prejudice famous and widely read for many decades. In late 1 8th and early 1 9th century must be more difficult than today. Social standings and class could become a huge barrier. Early In the book, this barrier Is altered when Dared, being a wealthy noble, snubs Elizabeth (he refused to dance myth her).

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Pride and Prejudice Love Theme Analysis
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Elizabethan pride Immediately Judged Dared on that bad first Impression, and keeps her away further from him later. Just Like that, Elizabeth and Dared were distant from each other because of their prejudice. Elizabeth and Dared, however, eventually married. But how? Through a serve of events, and through many experiences, they understood each other. Dared begins to admire Elizabeth, captivated by her fine eyes and lively wit.

Elizabeth continues to empress Dared during her time nursing Jane at Netherworld.

But she, unlike him, did not grow such sudden change of heart that quick. She remained cold to Dared for a long time, even angry at him once. But things change after Dared gave her a letter to explain everything. And with some important events after that, Elizabeth slowly fell to Dared. In the end both admitted that they were wrong. Aside from Elizabeth and Dared, other couples contribute to this theme of love as Nell. Jane Bennett and Bangle’s marriage is also a successful one, based on a great hemisphere of understanding, feelings and taste.

But Lydia – Hickman and Charlotte – Collins were bad marriages. Built on the basis of appearances and wealth, these couples did not last for very long. Lane Austin succeed in proving that the feeling can not be brought on by appearances, and must gradually develop between the two people as they get to know one another. Elizabeth and Dairy’s marriage is a successful marriage of long understanding and endless efforts. True love always stands above class and social barrier.

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