Principles of E-Business – Firefly Airline Background

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In this assignment, I need to take one of my favorite e-business web site and doing some research on the web site. I need to place and explicate the online concern theoretical account used by the web site. Besides that, I was besides required to depict the type of e-business functionality that is available on the site. Other than that, there will besides some comparing of functionality with other different web site be done under the functionality. At the terminal of this assignment, I was besides need to supply recommendation on how to better the web site by utilizing some extra e-business solutions.

Firefly Airline background

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Firefly Airline launched on April 3 in twelvemonth 2007. Firefly is under operated by FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd and it is known as MAS Sdn Bhd before. It is a full-service point to indicate bearer and besides full subordinate of Malaysia Airlines System Berhad. The first caput office is located on the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang Jaya, Selangor. It claims to be first community air hose in Malaysia. There are runing two hubs in Malaysia and they are located on Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang, Selangor and another hub is located on Penang International Airport. The airline’s foremost flight was from Penang to Kota Bharu. Firefly offers connexions to many-sided of points in Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand and Sumatera of Indonesia. They are modulating itself with Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle docket.

Although Firefly is 100 % owned by Malaysia Airlines, but it separate direction. Firefly was focal points on functioning dynamic Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore growing part, populated more than 70 million people. Their vision is to be trusted trade name known for supplying dependable, safe, comfy and accessible premium travel experiences that with the same feeling with the riders. Besides that, their mission is to heighten their footmark by supplying exceeding services and keeping their profitableness above industry norm. Although they continue to pull off their paths, they besides take pride in alining their work civilization and concern theoretical account to societal scruples. Their future finish is be aftering to utilize Malacca International airdrome located in Malacca to widen their base.

Business Model

Business theoretical account is a program that is implemented by the company to use and bring forth gross and increase net income. In concern theoretical account, it will include constituents and maps every bit good as grosss which the company applies. The concern theoretical accounts that Firefly has are business-to-consumer ( B2C ) , business-to-government ( B2G ) and Lower-cost bearer.

Business-to-Consumer ( B2C )

Business-to Consumer is e-commerce theoretical account in which concerns sell merchandise or services to the client. Customer can buy or booking their ticket in their site. Customer will surf through the Firefly web site and engagement and do payment their air ticket. Thereby, business-to-consumer happens in this procedure.

Business-to-Government ( B2G )

Business-to-Government is a discrepancy of business-to-business theoretical account. Some web site is used by authorities to merchandise or interchange information with some concern organisations. Government will surf to the Firefly site and engagement and purchase the air ticket. Some authorities will rent whole the flight and therefore business-to-government happened here.

Low-Cost Carrier

A low cost bearer or low cost air hose, some people known as no frills price reductions or budget bearer or inexpensive flight is an air hose that normally has lower menus and fewer amenitiess. To do up for gross lost in reduced ticket monetary values, the air hose possibly can bear down for supernumeraries like precedence embarkation, place allocating, luggage and etc.


Most of the low-priced bearers for illustration like Firefly operate aircraft configured with a individual rider category and most run merely a individual type of aircraft. In the yesteryear, Firefly tended to run the older aircraft purchased 2nd manus for illustration like the Boeing 737. The aircraft must ever run with a minimal set of optional equipment, farther decreasing costs of acquisition and care, every bit good as maintaining weight of the aircraft lower and therefore salvaging the fuel.


Many of the low-priced bearers for illustration like Firefly develop one or more bases to increase their finish coverage and support their market.

Non-flight Gross

Low-cost bearers bring into being accessory gross from some of the activities for illustration like ala-carte characteristics and commission-based merchandises. Firefly for illustration, generates gross by courier services and hotels every bit good as flights.

Limit Personnel Costss

Low-cost bearers are on intent to be low-priced. So, the employees will work in multiple functions. At some air hoses flight attenders besides clean the aircraft or work as gate agents. For illustration like Firefly, cheque in at the gate baggage requires fees as it requires add-on to the weight computation and luggage handling in last proceedingss. Online check-in going common for Firefly, once more involvement of avoiding forces cost.

Principles of Low cost Airline – Firefly

  • Online check-in
  • Have staff do multiple occupations. For illustration like cabin crew besides look into tickets at the gate or clean aircraft.
  • Do non utilize reserved seating because it may decelerate down the burden of the aircraft.
  • Carry really small excess fuel because for cut downing the weight of the aircraft.
  • Hedge fuel costs for illustration like purchasing fuel in progress when it is inexpensive.
  • Keep aircraft on the land for really short clip so that can take down airdrome charges.
  • Route planning before aircraft arrives at airdrome and economy clip on the land.
  • Charge for last proceedingss baggage cheque in because it will decelerate down the burden of the aircraft.

Online Travel Portal

The launching of Firefly Holidays which is the country’s foremost on-line travel portal, organisation of Firefly air hose will turn subsidiary income part to gross by 15 per centum to 20 per centum. It offered bundles extended its coverage include more 100 Malaysia Airlines worldwide finishs. Through this portal, clients are given flexibleness to choose or take their favorite flight timings, hotels and complement their ain vacations with optional Tourss and transportations.

SWOT Analysis


Bing an aid of MAS, Firefly’s begin cost and larning curve in the industry is singular reduced. Firefly has introduced redevelopment merchandise with new paths take into the new markets. It has set downing rights and is the 1 and the merely bearer from Penang to the topographic point that celebrated tourer finishs consist of Langkawi and Koh Samui. Exclusive and peculiar entree to the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport located at Subang capacitates it to to the full capture all of the travellers choosing for this path.

The Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport located at Subang is close and closer to the chief residential and commercial hot spots for illustration like Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur compared with another to KLIA. The firefly e-business web site is user friendly and the first clip user can easy to utilize it. Firefly payment system is easy and secured and user can experience safe to booking their flight ticket. The firefly e-business web site besides updates the information particularly the flight publicity.


Beyond uncertainty Firefly is the new in the concern, particularly on the portion of on-line gross revenues. Even though the Firefly’s parent company MAS was late to present its online engagement engine merely in January 2004. It is be short of the experience in this field if compared with Air Asia. Air Asia was voted as the most popular web site for online shopping in study managed by AC Nielsen Consultancy. As a hub, Subang Airport has its defect though.

Exclusive entree to Subang removes possibilities of other air hose riders utilizing Firefly in Subang for the connectivity or during way station. Besides that, the other restriction of the Subang Airport is the deficiency of a systematic public conveyance to or from the airdrome. If compared with the KLIA, there supply Express Rail Link, shuttle coachs to metropolis and cabs. Subang Airport merely trusts on and relies unambiguously on cabs. Furthermore, Firefly website doesn’t have provided the hunt saloon to the clients.


Connell has discussed and remark that medical touristry become successful in Asia particularly and has point out planetary involvement. In Penang there have 13 private infirmaries which Firefly can seek to work with the publicity of medical touristry. Firefly has many radiuss out of Penang to popular finish with international air hoses get through Penang Airport. Firefly can win stopover riders looking to see popular finish.


AirAsia is the chief menace of Firefly. The sustaining monetary value war between budget air hoses is anticipated to go on cut downing into net incomes. With the overall bead in Asia Pacific air-traffic anticipated to go on, FSCs will believe over to fall in the battle for the budget travellers section instantly or by get downing a subordinate LCC. Other than that, there are besides exists menaces of replacement merchandises called coach services, train services and auto travel particularly the KL-Penang path. For illustration like Aeroline, a concern category like coach service charges around RM60 from KL to Penang trip. It takes around 5 hours to make the finish if compared to 1 hr by winging.


This is the home page of Firefly e-business web site. The home page show all of the publicity and information of the flight. User can book their flight on left manus side of the home page.

In footings of functionality, there are available in the Firefly web site to assist execute twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation. Functionalities are being discussed below:

First of all, book flight functionality is the most of import and basic demand for an air hose e-business site. There have a little book flight window in the fire beetle home page. This little window can let user easy to booking their flight. User can choose their trip is circular trip or one manner trip. Then, user can take their going location for illustration like Subang Airport, Penang Airport, Singapore or others.

After select their going location, and so user demands to take their finish. Then user have to take their depart day of the month. If the user is choose unit of ammunition trip, so they need to take their return day of the month. User besides can take their currency for illustration like Malaysia Ringgit, Singapore dollar, US dollar or others. User besides can choose the figure of grownup or babies that travel the trip. There are two options for user to take is it user needs to go on the day of the month or user can take the lowest menu. User need to press on Search Flight button to seek the available flight.

After the user imperativeness on the Search Flight button, it will associate to calendar choice page. The page will demo the monetary value of the flight of the twenty-four hours going. After the user confirm the monetary value, user demand to press to go on button to go on following measure.

This page will demo all the flight of the going twenty-four hours. It will demo the flight figure, depart and arrive clip, promo and the value menu. The user can cognize which flight is available to take and some of the flight is non available. There are besides has the menu regulations provide to the user. User can mention on it. After the user chooses the flight that they wish to go, user demand to corroborate and accept the menu regulations, and go on to another measure.

If the user is the member, user can login with their member history to salvaging their engagement. For non user can go on their engagement without login and salvaging their inside informations. They need make full up all the rider inside informations for illustration like name, day of the month of birth, travel papers, publishing state, document figure and others. After fill up and corroborate all the rider inside informations, user can go on the following measure without place choice or choose place. If the user chooses their place that they want there will hold excess charge 15 ringgit Malaysia. If the user continue without place choice, it will straight nexus to reach inside informations page.

If the user continues with place choice, it will associate to sit choices page. Different place have the different fee. After choose their place, the user demand to delegate and go on. This is the inside informations of the place fee. They will remind the user once more there will be excess charge for place choices. User need to corroborate and go on to following measure or imperativeness nevermind button to travel back to old page.

This is the contact inside informations page. This page will demo the Firefly travel protection. User can mention and on it and corroborate. Then following measure of this page is particular services petitions. User can bespeak to increase their cheque in luggage allowance up to 35 kilogram. User besides can bespeak that they have sport equipments or non. Following is linking communities plan. The user can donate 1 ringgit Malaysia to it if the user wants. Last measure of this page is to make full in the contact page. If got any exigency information, Firefly will reach the people on this contact inside informations. After fill in all of the information, user can go on to payment inside informations page.

This is the payment inside informations page. It will demo the entire sum due that user demand to make their payment. The theory of payment methods in e-business site is “The more type of payment that can be accepted, the higher possibility of a dealing will happen” . In Firefly sit, firefly accept recognition card, debit card or direct debit payment.

If the user has any verifier, they can add on it. But the verifier must be redeemed before any other payment methods, any of the staying balance has to be paid by recognition or debit card. With the verifiers, it will be attracted to more users. This is the direct debit payment method. User can choose their bank that they wish to direct debit payment. It accepts Maybank and CIMB bank.

Firefly besides will demo all the inside informations of the engagement for illustration like flight inside informations, monetary value inside informations and the particular services petition sum-up.

User can look into in the flight in the web. User merely needs to maintain in the verification figure, going and geting location. User besides can reissue the embarkation base on balls in this page.

Comparison of functionality between Firefly and AirAsia

Firefly AirAsia
Positioning Low menus / community air hoses Low cost short draw, no frills
Seat type Single place ( economic category merely ) Single place ( economic category merely )
Seat option Allocated seating Free siting with Xpress Boarding option
In-flight dining Complimentary drinks & A ; bites Wide scope of light repasts and bites available for purchase onboard
Check-in luggage No cheque in fees, luggage bound of 20KG Each checked in luggage is charged 5 ringgit Malaysia with luggage bound of 15 KG
verifiers i i
Search saloon i i
Payment method Credit card, debit card, Direct debit payment Credit card, debit card,
Online Booking System i i

Comparisons of Firefly in squads of functionality are being done with the rival which is AirAsia. AirAsia’s free-seating with Xpress Boarding option, imposes on itself a negative perceptual experience, by troubling riders. Firefly’s allocated seating is a asset for travellers particularly groups, with no rushing and line uping for preferable seats. Strengthening the Community Airline ticket is Firefly’s higher luggage bound and no luggage check-in fees but once more looses out on accessory income.

AirAsia goes with the No-Frills, has hidden cost, and is a bend off for international theodolite travellers who normally travel heavy and anticipate a higher luggage bound. Firefly is positioning itself utilizing different scheme in client convenience compared with rival. With the pricing comparing of both air hoses, both are dynamic, it is non possible to compared both pricing, both besides charge the extra admin fees and airport revenue enhancement.


Firefly needs to heighten and better on on-time flights, and de-market this negative perceptual experience. On-time flight non merely can better Firefly perceptual experience and stigmatization, it can salvage sum of money due to low efficiency and downtime, and besides cut down and diminish the airdrome charges. It is recommended that achieving on-time flights be made an index in employee public presentation, and besides have a monthly stimulate tied to this public presentation index.

The on-time flight information can demo on Firefly’s site, showing Firefly’s credence to client satisfaction. Besides that, fire beetle can supply a shuttle coach service to and from Subang Airport, can assist to better its community air hose image. Other than that’s, Firefly site can supply the hunt saloon for the user or the client like the rival AirAsia site. Search saloon can assist client or user easy to happen their information.

Furthermore, Firefly can seek to spread out more finish of flight to other state for illustration like fly to United State, England, Korea, Japan or other finish. Furthermore, the Firefly site handiness is really of import and do certain it is available 24 hours per twenty-four hours. If the web site is unavailable, Firefly will lost a batch of clients. Finally, Firefly can supply unrecorded confabs online system in the web site. So client can populate confab with the operator anytime. The unrecorded confab online system must be available in 24 hours.


In this assignment, I was tried to find and explicate the concern theoretical account that is used by Firefly. Business theoretical accounts that Firefly has are business-to-consumer ( B2C ) , business-to-government ( B2G ) and low-priced bearers. Other than that, SWOT analysis is besides being discussed in this assignment for illustration like the strength, failings, chances and menaces. Besides that, this assignment besides has discussed and explains about the functionality of booking system and how is the booking system procedure. It will assist the user and the client booking the flight ticket. There will besides some recommendations that provide to the Firefly, fire beetle will be more improved.


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