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KFC, short signifier for Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the favorite fast nutrient eating houses in Malaysia. KFC is the universe largest concatenation of fried poulet fast nutrient eating houses. After Macdonald which is universe largest fast nutrient franchise eating houses, KFC is the universe 2nd largest fast nutrient franchise eating house. KFC is founded on twelvemonth early 1950 by the laminitis, Colonel Sanders. With 11 types herbs and spices, Colonel Sanders is successful create the trade name name of the KFC.

The major ground of success to construct up the name of KFC is because Colonel Sanders has a great innovator construct which is restaurant franchising construct. Today, KFC has more than 17000 mercantile establishments in 105 states. In twelvemonth 1973, the first KFC eating house was unfastened in Malaysia on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. In twelvemonth 2012, there are more than 500 KFC is available in Malaysia and the sum is still increasing. Finger creaming goods merchandises has been enjoyed by Malaysian.

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Ethical quandary

What is ethic? Ethic is a set of rules, with a theory or a system of moral values. The intent of survey ethic is to analyze the general nature of ethical motives to regulate the behavior of a individual. What is dilemma? Dilemma is a state of affairs in which a hard pick is made between the options. What is ethical quandary? It is besides known as moral quandary. Ethical quandary are a common happening in the on the job environment. An ethical quandary is a state of affairs where a individual faces the trouble of taking between a moral and an immoral act. There are many ethical quandary that an organisation could confront and one of the organisations which face major quandary is the Kentucky Fried Chicken Company. KFC, which was founded by Colonel Sanders in 1952, is one of the popular fast nutrient eating houses in the universe. KFC now affecting in operating, franchising and functioning a worldwide concatenation of around 11 thousand fast nutrient eating houses.

Some old ages ago, there were about 8 million clients taking KFC each twenty-four hours. However, there is a serious lessening in the figure of gross revenues of KFC late due to the progressively consciousness of wellness among the society today. Peoples nowadays is more concerned with their wellness and figures so earlier. There are study and research screening that fast nutrient has no nutrition and is the biggest fact of doing fleshiness everyplace.

The ethical issues is arises in Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ) company. The ethical issues that happen in KFC acquire the attendings from the societies. News related to the issues that happen in KFC was coming out by the media and KFC Malaysia has to repair the job with a proper ethical act to acquire back the trueness of the client to the KFC trade name consciousness.

The dilemma issue will be evaluated utilizing:

Chicken Breeding

The mistreatment of the poulets on the poulet farms gets the attending from PETA. PETA sued KFC for the issue of KFC providers dainties chickens cruelly. KFC providers cram birds into big waste -filled mills, strain and drug the poulets to turn big boulder clay can non travel usually.

At slaughter, the bird ‘s pharynxs are cut and so dropped into armored combat vehicles incorporating furuncle water- frequently when the poulet is still alive. An carnal rights group upload a picture demoing one of the KFC provider abattoir workers leaping up and down on life poulets, handle the poulets like footballs, kicking them and banging them into walls, ptyalizing baccy juice into the poulet ‘s oral cavity, tweaking the poulet plumes, smothering a poulet by binding a latex baseball mitt over its caput and squeezing birds like H2O balloons to spray fecal matters over other birds.

PETA and other animate being ‘s public assistance have boycott KFC for this issue and demanding KFC to necessitate it providers to handle the poulet better by supplying chicken more room in mill barns, halt coercing the poulets to turn so quickly that it cripples birds and to gas bird before hanging them so that they wo n’t experience pain. The provider is besides shooting chemicals to the poulets to alter the Deoxyribonucleic acid of the poulet to back up the big sum of demands for poulet from the markets. The poulets have been killing in barbarous manner.

Food Attitudes ( Greasy and Unhealthy nutrient )

This is a quandary which KFC have faced, because it has already gained the repute of a fast nutrient that continuously provides oily unhealthy nutrient. As one of the popular fast nutrient eating house with 1000000s of people devouring it nutrients, KFC should hold follow the ethical criterions specifically in footings of supplying healthy nutrients, nevertheless, in order to derive competitory advantage, cut down the cost, KFC is utilizing oil contains Tran ‘s fatty acids to fix the nutrient. This type of oil will do the increasing in cholesterin which will take to the increased of the hazard of holding bosom disease. Besides, KFC besides utilizing the Sudan Red to fix their merchandise called Orleans Roasted Wing which could do the hazard of malignant neoplastic disease to increase if consumed over a long period of clip.

Human Resources Policies

Above exposure is the incident that happens in KFC I-City, Malaysia. This incident was happen on 6th February 2012. The incident happens is because the client has been waiting for more than 1 hr but when comes to his bend, there is NO MORE fried poulet for the clients. The client requests the direction to apologise but the Store Manager do nil for that affair. The issues go on when the worker shouted: “ kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah BABI… ” which give agencies “ do it with your ain if you want to eat, hog. ” The KFC I-City workers onslaught clients by utilizing bad descriptions words to the clients cause this battle go on. Employees have to be avoiding to make assail action to the clients. As a fast nutrient eating house which sells service, KFC workers have to understand clients ‘ right.

The Humane Society of the United States defines carnal maltreatment as a scope of barbarous behaviour to the animate beings which includes unwilled disregard and knowing disregard to malicious violent deaths. Based on the carnal inhuman treatment issues, Peoples for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA ) , theA carnal right group have been protesting KFC ‘s intervention of the animate beings used for its merchandises with theA Kentucky Fried CrueltyA run. PETA states that they have held more than 12,000 presentations at KFC mercantile establishments since 2003 because of alleged mistreatment of poulets by KFC providers.

KFC human resources section should steer their policies. Lack of control of regulations and ordinances and subject cause KFC ethical activities has been brought up to intelligence by confronting accusal from the society.

Evaluate the ethical quandary

Chicken Breeding

Utilitarianism give agencies maximise overall felicity. The theory of utilitarianism was applied as KFC. KFC is successful to give the maximal felicity of 12 million clients where as merely 750,000 members of PETA are protesting against KFC poulet policy.

Although KFC has yield the maximal figure of felicity, it failed to follow with the useful ethical theory due to the unjust and unfair. Peoples are unhappy with KFC due to KFC ethical quandary cause people protesting KFC. Every twelvemonth, there is presentation activities launch by PETA to convey up so that could acquire the concern from the KFC.

KFC has offer Colonel ‘s Scholars plan, which give scholarship to pupil to go to an commissioned public college. As a portion of a YUM trade name, KFC is committed to carry oning concern in an ethical and responsible mode. KFC is besides advancing travel green activities by advancing reclaimable container or print recycle logo to the paper cup.

In Malaysia, KFC Malaysia realizes the importance societal duties. KFC Malaysia has launch Projek Penyayang. KFC was developed to supply nutrient to 150++ places every one-fourth. There are more than 6500 kids are treated to a finger creaming ‘ good nutrient every twelvemonth. KFC Malaysia is besides launch Tabung Penyayang KFC, a charitable fund, whose exclusive intent was to assist orphanhoods in Malaysia. KFC organisation does use functions in utilitarianism. KFC try the best to make best possible solution for the people.

Food Attitudes

As a universe largest poulet fast nutrient franchise eating houses, KFC own the rights and responsibilities to run the attitudes to the nutrients. A moral right is a legal right. Right is specifying as basic right that applies to all people.

KFC violated the positive right of the consumer to safe merchandise. KFC is utilizing oil contains Tran ‘s fatty acids to fix the nutrient. This type of oil will do the increasing in cholesterin which will take to the increased of the hazard of holding bosom disease. KFC besides utilizing the Sudan Red which could do the hazard of malignant neoplastic disease to increase if consumed over a long period of clip

Government drama of import function in commanding KFC operations. Government should do rigorous guidelines to KFC. Once KFC is found on utilizing this oil, authorities can ticket KFC with immense sum of mulct to forestall KFC continuously utilizing this oil. Government can besides take non to regenerate the licence towards KFC if KFC non follow the criterions that set by the authorities.

KFC should replace this unhealthy oil with healthy oil. Although it will cut down the overall income of the KFC, KFC should be societal responsible to the societies. It is a responsibility for KFC to make healthy nutrient. Although KFC has rights to make that, KFC should hold societal duties. KFC should understand the consequence of unhealthy oil which will impact wellness of the homo who consume the merchandises of KFC.

The consumers besides own the rights to halt KFC for utilizing oil which contain Tran ‘s fatty acid. Consumers can boycott KFC by non back uping KFC goods and merchandises. The employees can besides make work stoppages to the company to demo concern for the jobs to the direction so that the direction can make alter to the nutrient attitudes.

HR Policies

HR is the organisational map that trades with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, public presentation direction, organisation development, safety, health, benefits, employee motive, communicating, disposal, and preparation.

HR is besides a strategic and comprehensive attack to pull offing people and the workplaceA cultureA and environment. Effective HR enables employees to lend efficaciously and fruitfully to the overall company way and the achievement of the organisation ‘s ends and aims.

HR major policy is client right comes foremost. Based on the instances happen in I-CITY Shah Alam, the KFC notice that one time the probe is complete, KFC will take all appropriate action to turn to any misdemeanor of KFC rigorous operating processs and client service criterions.

Justice and Fairness

Justice and Fairness should be applied into this instance. Justice and equity is a rule of moral rightness base on the moralss. Both of them give agencies being just and justness. The intent of justness and equity is to guarantee dainty everyone reasonably.

Discrimination should be avoided from the employees to the client. Based on the instances of KFC I-City battle which happened on 6th of February 2012, the employees fight with the client. Although the clients scold the employees, the employees should non get down the battle with the clients. The employees have to understand the ground of the client to acquire angry, and understand that as the staff who work under service, client right come foremost.

The mistake is from the KFC but non the clients. It is unjust for the clients for waiting 1 hr and acquire nil at last without apologizes. Several KFC staff were seen trying to keep their co-worker back after a het exchange but the staff managed to set down a clout on Danny Ng. The employees give a clout to the clients on clients face is recorded by a people and upload into YouTube, universe largest official picture sites. The direction of the nutrient concatenation and Ng lodged separate constabularies studies on the affair two yearss subsequently.

The human resources section, stand foring KFC Malaysia has met and offered their apologies to Danny Ng Chee Fei, who was assaulted by a kitchen crew member at I-City subdivision in Shah Alam. The fast nutrient concatenation ‘s deputyA president Alan AuA met Ng and his household to widen his declinations and apology during a short meeting at Wisma KFC in Jalan Sultan Ismail. The victim, Danny Ng accepted the apology, stating KFC reacted suitably to the incident. Ng was besides given a verifier by KFC but declined to uncover its value.

For the protesting from PETA which province KFC dainty poulet inhuman treatment, KFC have to do certain all its providers follow the good patterns of killing the poulets by minimise the painless decease towards the poulet. KFC besides have to guarantee all the providers follow Animal Welfare Guidelines and do certain all providers farm is good pattern to the guideline.

For my sentiment, human resources section have to take all duties. Human resources section should supply staff developing plan to the employees to standardise the employee ‘s behaviour and attitudes on plants. KFC should besides standardise the provider codification of behavior. Punishment should be taken to all the employees and providers who obey the policies that set by KFC.


KFC has to be focus more on KFC concern moralss. KFC should non step aside themselves from the incidents that happen before and denies all duties. KFC ‘s direction takes full responsible and play of import function in control concern moralss. KFC should confront and take the duties to work out the incidents, so that the repute will non be affected. Therefore, KFC should guarantee the quality and standardise the employees, the directions, the eating houses. KFC has to be rigorous to the providers and command the production environment so that PETA will non make presentation on it. KFC have to care for the wellness and safety of clients, and the ethical values a concern should hold, so that the quandary will non happen once more.

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