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Problems That Young People Face

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Youths these days have a lot of problems dealing with stress, depression, family issues and a lot more, most of the problems that cause stress are in school and college. Young people’s lives can be complicated and affected by many issues which can impact on their well-being. The stress of school life, particularly at exam times, can be hard to manage and can lead some people to feel very anxious and over loaded.

Teenagers are aware that they need to get good grades if they want to go to college or get a job but this can be hard if there are other things going on for them like problems at home or maybe at school, such as bullying and alienation.

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Problems That Young People Face
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I think this could make young people feel very stressed and maybe get depressed or feel ill which means they might miss school and this could actually make things worse. Sometimes in order to keep in contact with a certain group of people you might do things that are irresponsible like bunking lessons or going out instead of doing school work.

This can be a problem in other ways too, for example if the teenager’s family does not have a lot of money they might have to manage without a lot of things that their friends have. They might not have the latest gadget that the friend has and they might be shunned by members of their peer group. The teenage years are times when peoples bodies are developing and they might be embarrassed or unsure of what’s going on for them, this might make them feel very alone with this especially if they don’t have anyone they trust.

Sometimes parents might be good at talking about this but I think most teenagers are embarrassed about it and try to cope with things by themselves which is stressful. Young people get teased about things like wearing glasses and being overweight and they can get depressed about this and not see a way out. Stress leads to physical problems like not getting enough sleep, having headaches or feeling sick when they have to face things they find difficult and all these things make going to school or doing homework very difficult.

I have read that one thing that teenagers sometimes do under stress is grind their teeth and this can cause damage to their teeth and very bad headaches. If stress gets really bad then some teenagers might start to use pills and drugs to cope with it or get hold of alcohol so that they don’t have to think about their problems. This can happen with peer pressure too and can be a problem that affects the young person’s future as it can take a long time to break the habits.

It is very common for parents to split up nowadays and I think this can be very stressful for children because they have to cope with things being different at home and it might be uncomfortable or they might have to split their time between two different houses when they don’t really want to. This can seem very unfair but often teenagers won’t be able to choose what happens, I think this is very hard for them. Studies suggest that children from divorced families are more likely to exhibit behavioural issues than those from families where the parents don’t split up, although this is not always the case.

I think that sometimes it is better than living with parents who are unhappy or arguing a lot because that is very stressful for the young person as well. There might be other problems at home like someone else being ill. Some children have to look after relatives, they would be called a ‘young carer’. This is a big responsibility for a young person and it takes away their freedom and part of their childhood and adds pressure on them which I think would be very stressful. There are organisations that can give support to young carers, like Barnardo’s and The Children’s Society and this could help them to feel less emotional turmoil.

Sadly sometimes people they know will die, such as their grandparents or other relatives, or even friends, and this would be difficult to cope with on top of other stresses they might have. It is a very serious and sad fact that nearly a quarter of teenagers have suffered some form of abuse in Britain, which is about 1 in 30 people, this could lead to trauma and an inability to work or concentrate knowing that this is happening, also they may feel scared to speak up about it and never have this problem fixed, causing them to be shy and have an inability to trust people. hey could also find a different way to cope with it like excessive eating and get an eating disorder, self harming or drug use. Also teenagers have a very specific stereotype – hoody, jeans, vandalism, violence and chav – but with this the youths can either stoop to social pressure and dress like everyone else or they can be an outcast and be individual, it is extremely rare that you find an individual person being accepted by teenagers.

Some of these stereotypes are correct for some people, like stealing and looking for fights but with some people, they could be really nice, but because society has belittled them people think that they should cross the street rather than walking through a crowd of “chavs”. Teenagers can have stress at school or at home, with friends, family or society in general. Life for young people can get rather complicated but luckily there are some organisations that can support them although sometimes young people these days are too scared to seek help and end up with long-term problems that don’t help them in later life.

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