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Proposal for Building School

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Child Education and You
By Ana


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Proposal for Building School
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Todays children are tomorrows future. If there is no hope for a country’s children, there is no hope for a country’s future. When ever one roams around India, he looks around and see scores of peole who are illiterate, children playing in the streets with very bleak future, men and women doing physical labour day and day out, who still don’t manage to get their two ends to meet. Their childhood passes either by doing child labour or by helping their parents in different jobs.

The creative minds of these children which are needed for a countries development is wasted. Not having education can lead to many problems. Like child labour, child abuse and crimes. Only if they had education, they would have had a chance to live life with dignity. Education brings with it – empowerment. Empowerment brings with it social and economic freedom which is so important for upliftment of an individual, society and the country as a whole.

There are so many gaps in education but the government of India just couldn’t meet to finish this gap. Where there should be 10 schools there is only 5 schools. There is now a need for non government organization and private sectors to do in the field of education. The purpose of this proposal being able to start a Non government organization( NGO) which will involve giving education to the poorest of the poor in villages with no access to education. The money needed for this would be around $4,553 for one school which will be funded through grants and donations. It is neat to see that giving just $91 can educate a student eager to learn for a whole year. How, because of this he or she could have a scope of having a better future.

Statement of Need
Today 35% of the total illiterate population lives in India which is the largest illiterate population among any other nation in the world. A 1990 study showed that India as a country would take until 2060 to achieve universal literacy if it.

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