Proposal For Obesity Essay

For example . In American , More than half of Americans are overweight, Not only Adult but also including at least 1 in 5 children. Nearly one third are obese” (Wooden). Childhood obesity is a serious and common disease that is increasingly becoming more popular. Adults need to be role models toward their children and educate them about obesity. It is only getting worse and more common and it is a very serious disease that has a lot of negative effects that come along with it.

Today’s culture promotes eating habits that contribute to obesity.

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Proposal For Obesity
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People may serve large portions and foods that are most readily available instead of choosing foods that are most nutritious. Cooking with butter, chocolate and other high-caloric foods is a normal part of the American diet. Also, food is often used as a reward in this country. Children are treated to sweets for cleaning their room, and the team is taken for pizza or ice cream after the game.

Seldom is eating only when hunger is present (What Causes Obesity? ). So this Proposed will try to assess and valuate and give some advise to reduce the problems.

Relationship to course content This proposal will analysis obesity . Obesity is a contemporary issue in nowadays. Overweight are growing not going away! Yet we have no clear solutions that suit the number of people who experience weight gain and the problem continues to grow. This proposal helps to find answers to the questions: -what does obesity mean to different people -who have lived with it now or in the past? -how and why are weight gain and obesity such a problem for so many people today? Why doesn’t the contemporary problem of obesity fit inside today’s healthcare system? -what strategies and practices will help in solving the obesity crisis?

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