Overweight Children: Causes and Effects Essay

A child being overweight is becoming one of the biggest issues in our nation, it’s almost impossible to walk down the streets now days without seeing an overweight or obese child. This problem with overweight children starts with what they are eating. Children come home from school and they usually want a snack. Instead of eating an apple or vegetable, they snack on cakes and chips. They eat whatever is appealing to them. They don’t realize the serious effect that this has on their bodies.

For example, fast food and junk food have a big part in child obesity. Children love burgers, fries, cakes, chips, and candy.

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Overweight Children: Causes and Effects
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None of these foods are healthy, and it makes it easier to continue the growth of child obesity. Second in modern America, television is a child’s best friend. Television always has fast food commercial, and junk food commercial. This strongly imprints opinions on children’s brains. Seeing McDonald’s commercials five times makes them want to go there more often.

It greatly increases the number of a child to be overweight or obese. Another biggest problem is children aren’t getting enough exercise. Children are consuming junk food while in front a TV, or playing video games.

Kids need to stay active and exercise whether it’s swimming or running. All outside sports activities will keep a child in good shape. It will help them decrease there chance of becoming obese and overweight. Finally in order for our nation to win this battle with overweight and obese children, they must be taught to have more self discipline. Parents need to be supported and help there kids make right eating choices in what to eat. Overall the crises of overweight children in this country can be improved. We need to teach our children to make better choices in what they eat, to give them a healthier life.

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