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Qualities of a successful student Essay

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There are many important issues discussed in public policy nowadays. One of these issues is organ donation. The organ donation has been widely debated in many countries for long time. It is an important issue because it concerns basic moral and human rights. This issue is put into different lights including government and religion; and those of equality, constitutionality, and right to navy.

The Australian government has decided, because of the low numbers of registered donors and growing numbers of people needing organ donations, to make organ donation compulsory.

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Qualities of a successful student
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The topic of this report is whether organ donation should be compulsory or not. Organ donation is giving permission to donate organs when the person is alive or dead. With this proposal for law reform, there are many positive and negative consequences for society. It is believed that this proposal for law reform would not be beneficial for society.

The arguments that support this stance will be outlined in the following paragraphs.

It is recommended that law reform should remain. There are many people who are against organ donation being compulsory since it’s taking their right to choose. Organ donation has the word donation in it. To donate is to give of one’s free will. This mandate would make the phrase a contradiction. People have such little control of what happens to them in their lives, so they should be TABLE to control what happens to their iodides during life and after death.

There must be another way to increase the number of organ donors other than making it compulsory. If organ donation becomes compulsory, there?s a limited time were the organs would only be availTABLE for transplant. They can only survive so long outside the body since major organs have a very limited shelf life.

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