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Ramsey Stockwell

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People who would take action for themselves could be bawled out unmercifully at times ii. Employees were left on their own sometimes to make decisions because Stockpile was to busy to get them resulting in wrong decisions at times iii. Stockpile “contracted” lines of authority by giving orders directly to a manager or even a head foreman rather than working it through intermediate levels of authority b. The sales personnel had a lot of trouble getting reliable information from production as to delivery dates or what stage in the process a product was.

. Sales and production have a very weak chain of communication 1 . Rob Broncos (Sales UP) would always ask Ramsey Stockpile (Production UP) for updates on how everything was going and Ramsey wouldn’t be able to give him a definite answer resulting in uncertainty 2. Broncos did not want to have to call Stockpile every time he needed a status report, he wanted Stockpile to provide him with updates regularly c.

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Lack of Organizational Unity I.

The Production facility had some out of dated machines that caused the process to take longer than it necessarily could d. Each department does not et treated with the same respect and praise that they deserve I. The sales department would get all the credit from the chairman of the board and the managing director of the company for the great work that they have put in to making this company successful whereas the production department would just let a ‘well done’ 1 .

Annual reports credited sales for the good years and referred to all the equipment failures and poor production facilities a fault of the production department 3. Possible Solutions a. Fire Ramsey Stockpile and hire a new production UP I. The whole reason for failure in the company is the terrible chain of communication between the sales personnel and the production department. Ramsey Stockpile is stubborn and refuses to uses intermediate levels of management in order to run a tighter shift and free up more time for him to get to every problem that arises. . Pros: New UP would be able to communicate better with the sales personnel for a more successful and efficient business, would get rid of one of the big problems, could present the production department with a fresh Start to improve on their weaknesses 2. Cons: Loyal employees might leave, New management could be just as unsuccessful as Stockpile, could cause tension between hierarchy of authority Solves: Would get rid of the source for the bad communication between the production and the sales department.

Would allow for a fresh start to mend the ties between the leaders of the organization. B. Change organizational structure to make it more efficient and effective I. All the vice presidents need to come together and decide to go by the same organizational structure and stick with it to make it efficient 1 pros: Increase immunization and collaboration by switching to a horizontal structure, decentralized decision making, making roles of individuals throughout the organization more defiant 2.

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