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Evolution Reflection Alex Ramsey

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This video follows a man who asks people to trace a line. He does this experiment to prove that you can’t copy it exactly the same every time. This is called a mutation and what happens to the line after each person copies it is completely different and this is an example of evolution. As random changes occur in the line the organisms DNA changes too. As the organism evolves over time you start to notice the changes through the generations.

When he compared the results on three different branches of the same line he noticed how much the outcomes changed due to mutations. Looking at the differences in each generation of species you can map out their family trees. This is important to us because if we look at ourselves, “ Around 250,000 lines generations ago we would be on the same line as chimpanzees but because of mutations and changes in the line we are 2 different species”.

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Evolution Reflection Alex Ramsey
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What happened: we went to the house at 4:00 am due to noise complaints.

We went straight to his house, and asked him about the complaints. Joe told us it was him that shrieked because he had a bad dream. And he admitted to the noise complaint.

Joe was acting weird, sweating & way to happy for having the Feds at his front door. He invited us into his spotless home. He gave us food and drinks let us take a seat on his couch. Joe was acting quite welcoming almost to welcoming for our liking.

20 minutes passed and then Joe started talking super-fast and he started to sweat again. 35 minutes has gone by now and he is starting to stutter, 45 minutes has now gone.

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