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The Suspicious Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

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The police arrived, but instead of following protocol, many mistakes were made in the investigation such as not roping o f certain areas, keeping the house open to friends and family, and no moves were made to co Elect evidence. Then, at 1 pm, John Ramsey found Sunbonnet’s body covered in a sheet in the e basement. The very little evidence found was the fact that Content had died of strangulate action and she had been a victim Of sexual assault.

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The Suspicious Murder of JonBenet Ramsey
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The parents were always the main suspects TTS in the case, and the public was widely convinced that they had committed the murder. Of r a long time, John was accused of sexual assault of his daughter, however these charges w ere dropped. DNA evidence was not used from the start but was used to eradicate the pare ants from the list of suspects. No one was ever convicted, and this case was an example of how investigative faults can ruin a case.

1) The investigators did not take the time to collect forensic evidence, nor did the eye tape off areas in the house.

The house was also not searched. The house of the Ram eyes was considered the crime scene. Blood, a pubic hair, and a footprint were cool acted as evidence. None Of these were matched to anyone. 2) DNA evidence, at least until the later years of the case. 3) Who had access to the house? Who was familiar with the house? Who could b e seeking revenge against the Ramsey? 4) The manner in which this case was handled was very sloppy and careless. The emotions of those involved in the case hindered the prosecution.

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