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An Inconvenient Truth

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Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth


Words: 466 (2 pages)

Note This assignment requires viewing a DVD – “An Inconvenient Truth. ” You have four options. 1. Go to the CSUDH Library Instructional Media Center (LIB C121) and ask to view “An Inconvenient Truth”, which is posted on their web server. Note that the IMC is closed on weekends and certain Fridays. Most public libraries…

Solving the Global Warming Riddle

An Inconvenient Truth

Global Warming

Words: 1108 (5 pages)

            In recent times we have become more aware of our surroundings and in some ways have become more environment conscious. The world around us is changing both physically and ecologically. Powerful cars, higher buildings, smarter technology, dangerous weapons are all pride of modern mankind. In this run of competing for the best, we have…

Film Review of An Inconvenient Truth By Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth

Film Review

Words: 686 (3 pages)

Al Gore has a mission. The documentary An Inconvenient Truth has been his catalyst to travel around the world in order to raise awareness among people that the change in climate of our planet has gone awry. Gore says, “I’ve been trying to tell this story for a long time and I feel as if…

Speech Analysis Report

An Inconvenient Truth

Speech Analysis

Words: 458 (2 pages)

The title of the speech is “Al Gore finds the solution to the climate crisis”. Al Gore is the Former Vice President of the US, the star of “An Inconvenient Truth” program and the Nobel Peace Prize winner. His purpose of the speech is to draw the world’s attention on climate change individualistically. My overall…

The Inconvinient truth (summary)

An Inconvenient Truth


Words: 385 (2 pages)

The science Of global warming With Mr.. Gore’s personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change. A longtime advocate for the environment, Gore presents a Wide arrangement Of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way. “AAA Gore strips his presentations Of politics, laying out the facts for the…

Reaction Paper-An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore Sample

An Inconvenient Truth


Words: 436 (2 pages)

Reaction Paper-An Inconvenient Truth by Al GoreWe people must take attention of what we have, particularly our lone place, the planet which had the ability to turn and is capable of giving everything in being, the one and merely Earth. Earth’s nature is the most cherished gift that God has given us, so in return,…

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What does the essay about an inconvenient truth talk about?
An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary that talks about global warming as championed by Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States. ... Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to assess the effects of global warming and climate change as presented in the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
What is the main message of an inconvenient truth?
What is the main message of “An Inconvenient Truth”? In “An Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore, former presidential candidate, calls attention to and warns of the consequences of climate change and other environmental issues, with an urgent plea for people to make the necessary changes to save Earth.
Who said an inconvenient truth?
Al Gore : [quoting Mark Twain] "What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so." Al Gore : You know, more than 100 years ago, Upton Sinclair wrote this, that "It's difficult to get a man to understand something if his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

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