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Reaction Paper Romeo And Juliet

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Since I before exist on this world, the legend of Romeo and Juliet reaction paper touches the heart of every lovers. They serve as the role model of truelove and sacrifice. A fairytale that even had a tragic ending, still consider as a happily ever after. No one can separate them even the death. The story was started at the party.

Romeo saw Juliet and fell in love with her, ot knowing that the parents of that beautiful lady are the ultimate rival of his family.

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Reaction Paper Romeo And Juliet
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And the time came that the rivalry of their race revealed, they still continue their forbidden affair. They were so young that time but still they continue their secret marriage, thought that thing would never separate them. But sill Juliet’s parents set an agreement to the other man to be Juliet’s husband. Juliet did an act lead to Romeo and her to death. When the innocence of me came, I was a fan of Romeo and Juliet’s love story.

I also dreamed and prayed that the Romeo of my life come and bring a pice to my life. But the time goes by and get matured enough, I’ve already realize that true love really waits, you cannot pursue the love that you feel until the right time comes, the right age, and the right person. Romeo and Juliet were still young, they still immature to decide ahead of time. think even if they still alive at the end of the story they will not still win the love that they have. Many years will pass before they pursue their relationship. The negative side of the story that concluded is they have the right love at the wrong time.

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