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This summit tackles about Product Development and Personal Branding. It was really a privilege for me as a student of Lyceum of the Philippines University to attend such an awesome seminar/summit that was held on Generial Trias Cultural Convention Center. The guest speakers are so damn awesome, especially Mr. Pocholo Gonzales who was recognized as the “Voice Master “ of the Philippines because of his contribution to the Voice Dubbing and Voice Art Industry. This man shared a lot of thoughts and ideas that would surely inspire a lot of students and even if the professors and instructors that attended the summit will be inspire. Filipinos love to eat, which explains why practically every major global food brand is in the country; fast food brands, especially. These international franchises and their local imitations dominate. Filipino dining taste, in turn, has become very Western. It was this way until a band of young entre-Pinoys realized, in 1996, that the Philippines has as much to contribute to the culinary world as burgers & french fries, pizzas & spaghettis, plastic spoons & styropacks. Their Filipino pride pursued the rebirth of Pinoy classics – adobo & bistek, tapa & tocino, sisig & longganisa, even salted egg & tomato.

Their flash of inspiration led to the re-discovery of an age-old but very clever Filipino dining practice much better than styro lunch packs – banana leaves! Equally clever, their “banana insight” inspired the birth of BINALOT Fiesta Foods. They became successful in the field of quick service restaurant because of their unique idea of bringing the Filipino essence into the food that they are serving, you can say that all of the idea was a PURE Filipino idea. Eating on a banana leaves reminds us the old time or the time that we are all living in the province , no city lights, no modern technology, just the nature , farm and farm animals Fiesta Foods successfully brought us not just the quick service and quality food restaurant, but the old style yet became a new delightful way to serve our Filipino Customers. On the afternoon, Mr. Pocholo who was the last guest speaker, for me, was the highlight of this event. He is an awesome, amazing and great speaker! He is indeed, the “Voice Master”.

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He taught and trained a lot of people to excel in Voice Art and Dubbing industry. I was so amazed that he is the one who do the voicing on my favorite characters when I was in my childhood days! And also the tv commercials that was so famous, he also done some of it! When he is voicing my favorite characters when I was a child, I was so amazed and kinda missed the times when I was a child. His talks were so inspirational! he encourages a lot of young people and do seminars just for a cause ! Just what he said, he’s losing a lot of time and effort just to do seminars and to speak in many young people, but he don’t care, what he cares is to share his experiences and inspire a lot of people who will give their time listening to him. If you can dream, then you can do it! If you afford to dream it, then can do it! Having him as the guest speaker of this summit is simply the best thing , you can easily get hooked with his talks and you can easily understand him, because the words that he uttered is simply came from his heart. I will never forget what he taught to us. He had his dreams, and now it’s in his hands and he still working on it! Big inspiration indeed.

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